Who is Adam Pacitti? GB News prankster and comedian profiled

Leigh McManus June 17, 2021
Who is Adam Pacitti? GB News prankster and comedian profiled

Who is Adam Pacitti? People are wondering after the prankster and comedian had the cheek to secretly expose his buttocks on fledgling channel GB News.

What is GB news?

GB News is a British television news channel that launched on 13 June 2021. It airs on Freeview, Freesat, Sky, YouView and Virgin Media.

The network, which is chaired by former BBC presenter Andrew Neil, is backed by Discovery. The channel has vowed to offer an alternative to the BBC and Sky News.

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It has signed up journalists including former BBC presenter Simon McCoy and Dan Wootton, who used to be executive editor of The Sun newspaper. Other presenters include Alastair Stewart, a former ITV News anchor.

Discovery chief executive David Zaslav said that, alongside CNN, GB News would be an important part of the merged Discovery and WarnerMedia outfit.

He told the press at the end of May: “We love CNN. If you go to Europe we’re entertainment, non-fiction, the leader in sports and we’ve been on attack with news.

“We’ve just made a very big investment in the UK (in GB News) in terms of direction for us and our plan was to roll across Europe because we believe one of the differentiators is live news, live sports.”

The channel has become the butt of several fake name pranks

As well as some tech teething issues, the channel has already been targeted by a string of pranksters. Like all current affairs channels, the “anti-woke” arrival has been taking call-ins from members of the public.

Former BBC newsreader Simon McCoy and co-host Alex Philips were well into their afternoon show on Tuesday when the first prankster struck.

Philips was discussing children’s diets and complications related to obesity when she said a member of the public called Mike Oxlong had written into the show.

This followed Michelle Dewberry falling for the classic Mike Hunt prank call. These gaffes, and others, are documented in satirical Twitter account GB News Fails.

Who is Adam Pacitti?

The latest joke the channel fell victim to took it up a notch. A comedian called Adam Pacitti had appeared on GB News to ask actor turned failed mayoral candidate Laurence Fox a seemingly innocent question, but all was not as it seemed.

Pacitti spoke via video chat about people being “offended by a joke” as Fox and host Dan Wootton watched on. What they didn’t realise was Pacitti, via a mirror behind him, flashed his bare behind.

This has got people interested in him. “Managed to show my a*** on national TV today,” he wrote on his Instagram after his stunt.

His Instagram also states he is managing director of Cultaholic Wrestling, a website focusing mainly on WWE content. He also featured in the wrestling doc John Cena: Champion Of The Ring.

In an interview with Bryan Tarchway, the content creator said he is no stranger to making viral content.

He said: “It’s a bit of a PR stunt, it’s a bit of digital Andy Kaufman I like to think of it. Sort of bothering people, winding people up. It’s something that is completely unrelated to wrestling. It’s not going to take up a huge amount of my time, but I think it’s quite sharable.”

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