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Who is player 240 from Squid Game? Meet actor Lee Yoo-Mi

Olivia Olphin September 26, 2021
240 squid game


The Squid Game has been sat at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 for a while now and looks like it has no plans to move. The K-drama has taken the world by storm with its high-stakes Battle Royale format. We introduce you to player 240, aka Ji Yeong, from Squid Game and meet the actor who plays her, Lee Yoo-Mi.

Slight spoilers ahead!

What is Netflix’s Squid Game about?

The show is inspired by the Japanese Battle Royale format where players must fight to the death in order to win a huge cash prize, 45.6 billion won. There are 456 players in the Squid Game, these are people who are in mountains of debt and are struggling in the outside world.

They are offered this cash prize if they successfully complete six children’s games. However, little do they know that these are not harmless tasks, because in the Squid Game losing means sudden death.

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Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet player 240 from Squid Game

Player 240, also known as Ji Yeong, had previously spent time in prison after killing her abusive father. She joined the Squid Game straight after she was released, having little to no prospects in the outside world.

Fans are loving the friendship between player 240, Ji Yeong, and player 067, Sae-byeok. Before playing a match together 240 tells 067 her real name and her own personal story. While we don’t want to give away any spoilers, the pair have one of the most emotional moments in the whole series.

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Who is actor Lee Yoo-Mi?

Lee Yoo-Mi is a 27-year-old actress represented by Varo Entertainment. She has been working in the TV and Film industry since 2010, with her first role in Na Hong-jin’s The Yellow Sea. She has subsequently starred in projects such as the TV series’ It’s Okay To Be Sensitive, Uisa Yohan and Just Dance, and films Hostage: Missing Celebrity and Young Adult Matters.

The actor has seen an incredibly rise in her follower count since appearing in Squid Game. On 18 of September the actor had only around 40,000 followers, but she now has a following of over 1.5 million people!

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You can stream the Korean drama Squid Game on Netflix now.

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