Baton Rouge, Louisiana, celebrated 225 Day yesterday, with numerous Twitter posts featuring the hashtag #225day. What is 225 day, and what does it mean for Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

What is 225 day?

In a nutshell, yesterday’s date was 25 February, or 2/25 – the date only makes sense for those used to the US date format.

The city of Baton Rouge also sits within the 225 area code.

Baton Rouge has a monthly lifestyle magazine called 225, which launched in 2005 (whether or not it launched on 225 day is unknown).

225 day – 25 February in area code 225 – is a day of celebration in Baton Rouge. Celebrations yesterday included street parties, including the one shown below, posted with the caption, “CANT NOBODY TO IT LIKE BATON ROUGE DO IT”.

Twitter users also posted videos online, and tuned in to local radio DJ sets. Meanwhile, others celebrated Baton Rouge’s unique culture by claiming that several of “your” (the internet’s) favourite sayings came from Baton Rouge.

These include “If it’s up, then it’s stuck” – a line from a Cardi B song. Others took advantage of the thread to comment their suggestions for other sayings that originated in Baton Rouge.

However, several negative stories also emerged from Baton Rouge on 225 day. 

What else happened on Baton Rouge’s 225 day?

Twitter user @CmoMarcello posted a video yesterday showing a car driving into a group of celebrants in a suburban street. 

The video shows the crowd swiftly pulling the driver from his seat and beating him, while in the foreground, one of the people the car hit gets back onto her feet.

Meanwhile, local newspaper The Advocate reported the arrest of five individuals for running an illegal gambling den in the city.

WBRZ2 reported a shooting in the Bella Noche nightclub – one Twitter user posted a video featuring two late night revellers reacting to the incident.

The Advocate also reported that a feud between rap groups had spilled out of Baton Rouge, leaving a bystander dead.

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