Real-life luxury Twin Peaks hotel offers waterfall views - but it'll cost you

Danielle Salt August 11, 2022
Real-life luxury Twin Peaks hotel offers waterfall views - but it'll cost you


Would you stay at the surreal Great Northern Hotel from Twin Peaks? What if we told you it’s among the most peaceful hotels in the Pacific North West?

Iconic David Lynch creation Twin Peaks is set in Snoqualmie, Washington, in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, where a lot of the show’s intrigue centers on the gloomy Great Northern Hotel.

Outside shots of the Great Northern were filmed at a real-life hotel known as The Salish Lodge & Spa, which neighbors the Snoqualmie Falls. The Salish appears in most of season 2 and served as the base of FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan).

However, interior shots set in the Great Northern and Blue Pine Lodge were filmed elsewhere, at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, Washington.

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How to stay at the fictional Great Northern hotel from Twin Peaks

In contrast with its Twin Peaks counterpart, the Salish Lodge is one of the most relaxing places to stay in the Pacific Northwest, according to guest reviews.

Indeed, the place sounds like the height of coziness. The Salish’s website boasts rooms with “gas fireplaces, spa-like showers with dual shower-heads or oversized soaking tubs,” many of which have “views of the Snoqualmie river and the historic hydroelectric power plant.”

“It’s the perfect place to create an incredible romantic getaway,” the website adds, “or to relax after spending the day hiking the local trails. The Spa at Salish Lodge specializes in Northwest-inspired treatments featuring herbs from our garden and honey from our on-site apiary.”

An average stay at the hotel costs upwards of $519 per night, excluding taxes and booking fees. It’s safe to say The Great Northern Hotel is now a far cry from its Twin Peaks days.

Could the Salish Lodge be haunted?

Sorry hardcore Twin Peaks fans, it probably isn’t haunted. However, the hotel does have a long and winding history that goes back more than 100 years.

Built in 1916 and originally called The Snoqualmie Falls Lodge, the building used to be an eight-room inn that served as a respite for travellers. It quickly became famous for its country breakfast, then called the “farm breakfast”, which fuelled guests’ journeys over the mountain pass.

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In 1988, the building underwent a complete remodeling and reopened as The Salish Lodge. In 1990, filming began for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

The general manager of the show’s real life location took to digging into the venue’s past. Over the years he has found an old restaurant place mat and a whiskey bottle with a painting of Snoqualmie Falls on it, but the most interesting findings are photographs and postcards that show the Lodge in its early years.

The atmosphere of Twin Peaks definitely gave the hotel scenes a haunted vibe and led viewers to become obsessed with the winding plot, bizarre characters, and dramatic landscape that provided the backdrop.

How close does it come to the Twin Peaks experience?

In 2018, The Salish completed another renovation, this one worth $12 million, expanding to 86 rooms.

Despite the outside of The Salish being used for landscape shots numerous times in Twin Peaks, the inside wasn’t used in filming. However, the area surrounding the Salish Lodge is sure to bring back many memories of Twin Peaks as other filming locations such as the Snoqualmie Falls are a short walk away, making it the perfect retreat for curious fans.

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