All Gas No Brakes: Andrew Callaghan no longer involved

Bruno Cooke March 19, 2021

All Gas No Brakes author and independent journalist Andrew Callaghan announced via Instagram that he is no longer associated with the show he created, or Doing Things Media. What happened to All Gas No Brakes, and what is Andrew Callaghan working on next?

All Gas No Brakes’ Andrew Callaghan makes Instagram announcement

On 9 March, Andrew Callaghan, author of All Gas, No Brakes: A Hitchhiker’s Diary and creator of the “Weird America” All Gas No Brakes YouTube hit, announced that he is “no longer associated” with the project.

In an Instagram reel liked over 150K times, Callaghan revealed that he “no longer receive[s] any of the Patreon crowdfunding”. 

Nor does he receive any YouTube monetisation or any of the show’s other income.

His partners Nic and Evan, who lived with him in the RV as they traversed the US looking for subjects to interview, “are also no longer involved”.

Why did Andrew Callaghan leave?

Callaghan pitched the idea of a video-based, All Gas No Brakes road show to a production company when he was 21. 

The company, Doing Things Media, loaned Callaghan an RV and wrote out an employment contract. He apparently signed it “without reading it”.

“Lesson learned.”

Dissatisfied with the stipulations the contract contained, Andrew announced his departure from the project.

Andrew, Nic and Evan with their RV [photo: Jenkem Mag]

What will happen to All Gas No Brakes?

Despite what is for many a disappointing bit of news, Andrew Callaghan also writes, “This is not the end”.

“I can’t wait to show you guys what I’m doing next.”

However, Callaghan’s next project will have nothing to do with the All Gas No Brakes brand. Nevertheless, he appears to have something in mind already.

“It’s only the beginning to a bright, independent future for the team.”

Instagram support for Callaghan

Meanwhile, the comments section on Andrew’s Instagram post shows the degree of loyalty Andrew and his team nurtured in their follower base, and the enduring support they enjoy.

One user wrote: “All Gas No Brakes is just the name of a show. You’re who we follow!”

Will Andrew set up a new Patreon?

Another Instagram commenter asked if Callaghan was planning on starting a new Patreon – as he no longer receives any of the revenue from the All Gas No Brakes Patreon.

Given that he once described Patreon cash flow as “the only reason the show’s been able to be profitable and to carry on for so long”, it seems likely that Andrew will soon be setting up a new account.

What next for Andrew Callaghan and is there a future for the All Gas No Brakes team? We’ll see.

Given that Callaghan once told Jenkem Mag that the most difficult part of his job is “dumping the septic tank in the RV”, it appears that there is little out there to hold him back when it comes to practising journalism.