YouTuber Adam LZ shares photos of Hurricane Ian's devastation

Alexandra Ciufudean September 30, 2022
YouTuber Adam LZ shares photos of Hurricane Ian's devastation


YouTuber and sports car enthusiast Adam LZ built his online career on flirting with danger and bringing nearly priceless cars to the verge of destruction.

Now, he faces losing everything he owns in Hurricane Ian, which made landfall Wednesday off the coast of Orlando, Florida.

Adam shared photos and realtime footage of the storm’s devastation on his 38 acre compound, where he and his crew store vehicles and equipment, and film videos.

Adam LZ explains damage to his compound. Screenshot via his YouTube channel

Who is YouTuber Adam LZ?

Born and raised in Woodbury Connecticut, Adam Lizotte-Zeister wasn’t always interested in driving race cars. Growing up, he was into video games, playing guitar, riding his BMX and making videos about his interests.

His first YouTube channel, started in 2010, was about these three passions, but it never took off quite in the same way his later content would.

That’s why, around 2014, Adam gave it another go, starting from scratch with a new channel called LZBMX. The content was more varied and appeared somewhat random compared to his current channel – Adam LZ, with 3.54 million subscribers – but focussed mainly on BMX and race cars.

At the time, Adam was studying for his BA in Business Management at the University of Central Florida. Soon after graduating in 2016, the focus of the channel shifted entirely to race cars and by early 2022, Adam’s collection included no less than 17 vehicles.

Also after graduating college, he and longtime girlfriend Nicole Frye tied the knot and bought a house in Orlando, Florida, but the marriage only lasted a bit more than two years. The couple divorced in 2019 and Adam announced their separation in a video that he’s since made private.

As Hurricane Ian battered the state this week, Adam shared live footage and updates, reassuring fans that he and the Adam LZ crew were safe.

Where is Adam’s Florida compound?

In April 2021, Adam and his crew debuted their new automotive playground – a 38 acre compound – where they could test their vehicles’ limits to their heart’s content.

Adam’s compound is near Orlando, Florida, and comprises 65,000 square feet of abandoned buildings plus plenty of room for drifting.

After hurricane Ian made landfall off the coast of Florida Wednesday afternoon, Adam began posting regular updates on how his compound was faring in the storm.

Final update of Hurrican Ian’s devastation: Adam’s compound is under water

Given the place’s low altitude, the flooding hit the LZ compound severely, Adam explained in a video shared Thursday afternoon.

“The storm is still quite far from us – but the sheer amount of rain has been devastating to a property as low as the compound,” the caption read. “I’ve been getting nonstop messages checking in on us – so I figured I would make a quick update before we lose power.”

Photos show the real extent of the flooding at that time.

“Having 75% of what I worked my entire life towards in possessions really does feel dumb,” he mused in between updates, adding he’s “almost lost everything twice now from a forest fire – and now flooding. Oh and a decent chunk probably lost too from a stupid driver.”

As the category four storm moved away from Florida, Adam shared a final update on Thursday night – the compound is now mostly under water, but everyone on the compound is safe.

Even though people on the West coast of Florida faced life-threatening flooding, Adam explained he and his friends “were very fortunate”.

“Although we didn’t have the crazy winds, the rain hit us hard,” he added before he and girlfriend Colette led fans on a tour of the hurricane-stricken compound.

Though Adam’s house seems to have gotten through unscathed, the same can’t be said about the rest of the compound. As they drive through, the couple come across deep ponds, inches of water on the roads, downed debris and even a fallen tree.

The good news, however, is the cars on the shop floor all survived with no damage or even water.

Adam’s brand, LZMFG, is giving away a Honda NSX and a $20,000 cash prize.

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