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What is The Floor Is Breathing about? Indie horror game echoes Poe

Amber Peake August 4, 2022
What is The Floor Is Breathing about? Indie horror game echoes Poe


New indie horror game The Floor Is Breathing has attracted the eye of some big gamers this week, but what is it all about as some compare it to a famous story by Edgar Allan Poe?

Earlier this week, YouTuber Markiplier played along with the new game as he introduced it to his 33.3 million subscribers in a video. The post has amassed more than 1.9 million views prompting curiosity about the game among his followers.

As the game is discussed in the online gaming community, some are curious to know more about it. Let’s take a look…

Lost Ollie | Official Trailer

Lost Ollie | Official Trailer

What is The Floor Is Breathing about?

The Floor Is Breathing is a new indie horror game that sees users play from the perspective of a serial killer. 

As explained on the game’s site, its plot delves into the “deteriorating mental state” of a killer as players investigate and try to understand the deaths of their four victims.  

The game is set in 2007, with its gameplay taking place across the serial killer’s final days before they are eventually found out and captured. 

The Floor Is Breathing was created by TotallyFungals, with the horror play one of the many projects produced by the game developer.

Horror game has been linked to Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart 

While The Floor Is Breathing has sparked conversations across the online gaming community, it appears to have garnered comparisons to Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart.

Those who have read the tale will know the narrator of the story is tormented by the heartbeat of a victim hidden beneath the floorboards. 

While discussing the game in a horror gaming subreddit, one user said the theme of the game’s name prompted them to think of Poe’s famous story. They wrote: “Just the name immediately makes me think of the The Tell-Tale Heart. I’m gonna have to hit this up.”

The game’s title was also linked to Poe’s 1843 work in a write-up of the new game by DreadXP. However, the writer reflected on how the game was ultimately different to the short story. 

This illustration was published in the book Edgar Allen Poe – The Man by Mary E. Phillips

How the plots of The Floor Is Breathing and The Tell-Tale Heart compare 

***Warning potential spoilers of The Floor Is Breathing ahead***

The Floor Is Breathing and Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart are told from similar perspectives. Tell-Tale Heart is written in the first person, meaning readers can place themselves in the narrator’s mind, while in The Floor Is Breathing users play from the killer’s perspective.

However, the stories differ in what we know about the narrator/killer. In The Tell-Tale Heart, readers don’t learn the identity of the story’s narrator but in The Floor Is Breathing, as players follow along with the game’s narrative, the identity of the serial killer is hinted at through clues.

Another more obvious difference between the two is the horror game’s story includes the deaths of four victims, while in The Tell-Tale Heart the narrator only shares an account of one murder. 

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