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What happened to Vanced’s NFT launch as app powers down?

Bruno Cooke March 14, 2022
vanced nft


Vanced is “no longer available” – the app has been discontinued, much to the chagrin of its regular users – prompting a reasonable amount of speculation as to why. What happened to Vanced’s NFT launch?

What happened to Vanced’s NFT launch?

In February 2022, Vanced tried to launch and mint its own NFT project. Vanced is – or was, until yesterday – a popular YouTube client that allowed users to watch videos ad-free on mobile. 

Its community of users reacted negatively. Vanced took notice, and scrapped the project. The app’s media team posted an “important letter from our team” on its social media channels, including Twitter.

“We’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in our judgement,” the letter begins. “We want to apologise.” Read the whole letter below.

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But even that wasn’t enough for some, for whom the sidestep into the metaverse was too much. One user said they would “excuse it this time”, since it was what they called a “publicity stunt”. 

Nevertheless, the apology letter received over 1.1K likes on Twitter. Vanced has since created meme images to poke fun at its own apparent misstep.

Vanced shutdown due to ‘legal reasons out of our control’

According to a recent post by the Vanced Team in the app’s Discord channel, the app shutdown is due to “legal reasons out of our control”.

View a screenshot of the post below.

In a Telegram chat, the Vanced team has since assured users of its app that the existing version “will continue to work” – Appuals writes. 

The Verge adds that Google recently sent the Vanced owners a cease and desist letter. It forces the developers to stop “distributing and developing” the app.

The outlet quotes an admin from the Vanced team, sent via Discord direct message, as saying, “We were asked to remove all references to ‘YouTube’, change the logo, and remove all links related to YouTube products”.

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Did Vanced actually mint any NFTs?

Vanced users appear to be divided on the subject of whether or not the app team’s NFT project was sincere or not. 

Some describe it as a joke, and those who believed it as “fools”. Others contend that “it was still minted”, which may suggest more of a degree of earnestness behind it.

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However, zero Vanced NFTs seem to have made it onto digital marketplace OpenSea. Therefore, if Vanced did indeed mint some NFTs, it doesn’t look like it sold any.

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