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TommyInnit's gut-wrenching tribute to Technoblade: 'He was a legend'

Alexandra Ciufudean July 1, 2022
TommyInnit's gut-wrenching tribute to Technoblade: 'He was a legend'


YouTuber Technoblade has passed away, his family announced in a statement. Now, tributes are pouring in from his online friends and fellow streamers and perhaps the most heartbreaking one is from Technoblade’s friend TommyInnit.

In a message entitled “So long nerds”, written just hours before his death, Technoblade bid farewell to his YouTube fans and followers.

Techno, who was 23, died about one year after receiving a cancer diagnosis. He underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery in an attempt to overcome the disease.

In his final message, the YouTuber thanked his fans for buying merch and channel memberships over the past year. The earnings are going towards his siblings’ college educations.

Image via Alex aka Technoblade’s family

‘So long, nerds!’ His heartbreaking final message

“Hello everyone,” the message began. “If you’re watching this, I am dead.” Technoblade’s last message was shared by his dad in a moving 8-minute video.

In the message, the YouTuber reveals his real name was Alex and that he went to great lengths to protect his and his family’s privacy. The one time in 2016 when he and a sibling managed to convince viewers he was named Dave was, he says, probably the best prank they ever pulled.

Alex ended the message by expressing his gratitude for the experience of being Technoblade: “Thank you all for supporting my content over the years. If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time as those were the happiest years of my life.”

In the video, Alex’s dad says they were planning one last video, a Technoblade “face reveal”, but “we waited too long”. Alex was having trouble focussing on what he wanted to say and finally, he asked his dad to read out his final message.

Screenshot via YouTube

“I don’t think he said everything he wanted to say but I think he got the main points,” he added. “Thank you to all of you, for everything. You meant a lot to him.”

Alex’s family are now running his merch store, which is still up for any fans who want to support the channel. A portion of the profits will be going to the Sarcoma Foundation of America, in honour of Alex’s memory.

RIP Technoblade: TommyInnit shares gut-wrenching tribute

British streamer TommyInnit and Technoblade were part of the same Minecraft server and recorded countless streams together. Eventually, their friendship extended over into real life

Highlights of their online friendship included pulling an outrageous April Fools prank together, where they managed to convince Alex’s fans that he was returning to Twitch after a long hiatus. thousands of excited Technoblade fans crowded the livestream and, when the clock struck midnight in the UK, TommyInnit’s face burst onto the screen, laughing his head off.

The two also got up to countless Minecraft shenanigans, like for example when Tommy moved into Techno’s house on a whim.

As he learned about his friend’s death, TommyInnit posted a gut-wrenching tribute to Technoblade’s memory. In it he shares his gratitude at having been part of Alex’s life and says his friend must be “strategizing in heaven on how to beat God”.

“This isn’t a joke,” Tommy adds, “just look at the screenshot.”

Technoblade’s cancer diagnosis came as a shock

In a video from August 2021, Technoblade announced he had been diagnosed with cancer. What started out as a nagging pain in his right arm developed into swelling and finally doctors delivered the terrible diagnosis.

“It couldn’t have gone any worse,” he concluded.

In September 2021, a livestream fundraiser he organised managed to raise a total of $328,000 for cancer research in just a few hours.

Despite going through chemo, radiation therapy and an operation to try to save his arm, Alex’s health got progressively worse over the year following his diagnosis. His family’s statement revealed the toll it took on them and how Alex had done his best to stay hopeful.

“This past year had a lot of rough spots for our son as he battled stage four cancer. But he didn’t complain, and kept using his famous strategic mind to try to beat what he knew were almost impossible odds. My son’s bravery on this path was a shining lesson to all of us who were privileged to walk it with him.”

Tributes from fans and fellow streamers pour in

As soon as news of his passing broke, Technoblade’s friends, fans and fellow streamers sent moving messages honouring his memory.

Many remembered his kindness, his humour and his sharp wit. A unanimous “f**k cancer” echoed in a majority of messages.

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