Samsung's Odyssey Ark price point may set you back a pretty penny

Amber Peake January 6, 2022
Samsung's Odyssey Ark price point may set you back a pretty penny


Samsung teased the release of another of its Odyssey line – the Odyssey Ark, this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show better known as CES. But what is the price of Samsung’s Odyssey Ark?

While Samsung displayed a variety of new releases at the event, the Odyssey Ark seems to be the product that has tech fans talking. 

As the monitor makes a buzz online, we explore more about the Odyssey Ark, including pricing and when it can be expected. Let’s take a look…

MSI | Pulse GL76 12UX Laptop

MSI | Pulse GL76 12UX Laptop
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What is the Odyssey Ark?

Tech fans may be familiar with the Odyssey range in recent years for its curved monitors. At the 2022 CES event, Samsung continued the line’s legacy with the unveiling of the Odyssey Ark. 

The Odyssey Ark has a 55in curved display, which can be used in both portrait mode and horizontally. Its large screen also allows a multi-tasking set-up, meaning users can have multiple windows open at one time. 

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Samsung Odyssey Ark price explored

There is no official word on the Samsung Odyssey Ark pricing as of yet however, it is estimated to be a big-ticket expense. According to Techspot, the curved monitor’s manufacturer suggested retail price is said to be around $2,500. 

Due to its size, the Odyssey Ark has been compared to Samsung’s previous model Odyssey Neo G9 which was released in August last year. 

The Odyssey Neo G9, which has a 49in screen, cost $2,499.99 to pre-order at the time of its release. As the Odyssey Ark is a larger model with a screen size of 55in its pre-order cost could be higher. 

The Odyssey Ark is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2022, as per Gizmodo, meaning details on the pricing may be available in the coming months. 

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Tech lovers share their thoughts online

As pictures and videos of the curved monitor are shared online, many have begun sharing their first impressions of the upcoming release. 

While some seem to be in awe of the Odyssey Ark’s large display, others pointed out its size may not be practical for standard desks:

A third went on to compare the monitor when horizontal to that of a pilot’s cockpit: 

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