Where to buy the Snap Pixy drone, Snapchat's pocket-sized flying camera

Bruno Cooke May 2, 2022
Where to buy the Snap Pixy drone, Snapchat's pocket-sized flying camera


Social media and camera company Snap Inc launched the Pixy drone last week, with a price tag of $230 for the basic pack. Where can you buy it, and are there any similar alternatives on the market?

Where to buy Snap’s new Pixy drone camera

The new Pixy drone camera from Snap is out now, and available to buy from its own website. 

However, it appears to have sold out. The Pixy products are, according to the website, “available in the US and France, while supplies last”.

But instead of a Buy Now button under each product, there’s a Notify Me button. Click it, and you’ll be redirected to a page inviting you to Stay Up To Date by inputting your name and email address.

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Source: YouTube [Snapchat]

The products available (or currently unavailable) include the regular Pixy bundle ($229.99) – which includes Pixy, bumper and carrying strap, recharchable battery and USB-C charging cable; Pixy Flight Pack ($249.99), which is the same but also comes with a dual battery charger and two batteries; a separate dual battery charger ($49.99); and a single Pixy battery ($19.99).

How do the price and specs of the Snap Pixy drone compare to other similar products?

An obvious product with which to compare the Snap Pixy drone is the DJI Mini 2

It’s more expensive – $419 versus the Pixy’s $230. It also weighs nearly twice as much. But it does record video in 4K, whereas the Pixy’s default video resolution is 2.7K.

The DJI Mini 2 allows you to select multiple frame rates, from 24fps to 60; the Pixy goes up to 30fps. They’re different in the way they store files, too: the Snap Pixy has 16GB of flash storage, while the DJI Mini 2 allows you to insert a microSD card of any size, meaning you can store much more.

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DJI’s drone camera has a maximum flight time of 31 minutes, compared to Pixy’s flight time of “5-8 flights, depending on the flight mode”.

At the end of the day, each product will suit people differently. Those with a bit more cash, looking to capture high quality footage, will probably get more out of the DJI Mini 2. However, it doesn’t have the same self-flying technology as the Pixy. But: its remote control does have a Live View function.

How have people reacted to the product?

Snap unveiled its “friendly flying camera” last Thursday, and people of the Twitterverse have since been airing their thoughts.

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One took issue with the stated flight time of “5-8 flights”, mentioned earlier. Measuring its flight time in flights rather than “real human terms like in minutes or distance” is unhelpful, the user argues.

Someone else criticised Pixy for not having a microphone, although others contend that any in-built mic would get “completely drowned out with propellor sound”, and that microphones on drones “have never been a thing” and “never will”.

Big tech journalist Casey Newton called it “extremely cute”. He also interviewed Snap chief executive Evan Spiegel on the new product. Read their conversation on Platformer here.

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