Is Nelson Syphus real? Matthias update has more questions than answers

Jane Corscadden February 9, 2021
Is Nelson Syphus real? Matthias update has more questions than answers

Who is Nelson Syphus, and is he real? YouTube channel Matthias has been running an alternate reality game (ARG) since 2018, and it seems things are beginning to heat up. Fans have found that when they try to search for information on characters, nothing comes up online.

So, let’s investigate. How much of the game is real and scripted, and what’s going on in the game?

Who is Matthias?

Matthew Frederick – better known as Matthias – is a Youtuber and the owner of Omneity. This is a parent company to his start-ups such as Hi-5 Studios and Spark.

Frederick started his YouTube channel in 2011. Since then, his content has changed and grown, and he now focuses primarily on creating challenge-based content.

Matthias is married to Amanda Faye, a fellow YouTuber and photographer. The couple are based in Los Angeles and have two children, Luna, and Atticus.

What is the Matthias ARG game?

An alternate reality game is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses multiple media forms to deliver a story that can change with input from players or the audience.

There’s a lengthy timeline of Matthias’ game as it began back in 2018 and it’s known as the Key Series.

The game is predominately based at the Hi-5 Studios location.

Who is Nelson Syphus?

On 15 January, Matt received an email to his personal email address from an undercover police officer who calls himself John Doe.

The officer asks him if he knows of anyone named Syphus and adds: “He’s all that’s left. Times up. Secure your lines and we can talk more.”

Before hanging up, John Doe says he wants to make an information drop and that he’ll reach out to coordinate this.

After some digging, Matt and his team discover that Nelson Syphus was involved with a company called Syntec California – whose headquarters were exactly where Hi-5 Studio now stands.

In the newest instalment of the game, posted on 8 February, Matthias and the team get hold of the classified evidence from John Doe.

Inside the case, they find further information about Syphus. This includes a newspaper article detailing his full name, Nelson Syphus.

However, a Reddit thread points out that when fans go to find further information about him online, there are no results on Google.

Why is this? Users have developed theories as to why.

Reddit user JustChillBro37 said: “What if he was working with the government and the government didn’t want information about him getting out. Hence why we can’t find information about what’s going on online, and the only hope is in the hands of D (John Doe) or someone else that worked next to Nelson himself.”

This update – and Nelson Syphus himself – definitely seem to give us more questions than answers! It’s hard to tell how much of the game is scripted or real – I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

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