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How to buy a MEE6 Avatar NFT as Discord Bot enters industry

Bruno Cooke January 7, 2022
Over the shoulder view of woman holding smart phone with Non-fungible token art


MEE6 is a piece of software that manages Discord servers – from creating welcome messages for new users to integrating a levelling-up system – but it’s now joined the world of NFTs. How many MEE6 Avatars are there, and when is the NFT public sale?

MEE6 joins the world of NFTs with new Avatars launch

MEE6 launched its Discord community server yesterday, and reportedly reached 2,000 members in a matter of hours.

More people will be able to join the server “in the coming days”.

MEE6 Avatars NFT also launched on Twitter. The account currently has just over 500 followers, although that’s likely to change in the coming days.

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Digital generated 3D gemstones of NFT crypto art on mobile phone. Digital art visualising blockchain technology and non-fungible token. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality concept.

How many MEE6 NFT Avatars are there in the Collection?

MEE6’s (first) NFT collection will comprise 8,888 “unique avatars”. They do not exist yet, but will be “randomly generated on the blockchain after the public sale”.

Each MEE6 Avatar is a combination of different “traits”, such as “eyes”, “background” and “hat”. Each has a different rarity.

“When you buy MEE6 Avatars NFTs,” reads one of the entries on the Collection’s FAQ page, “the blockchain will automatically generate your avatars”.

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There are, apparently, more than 734,234 different possible combinations.

When is the MEE6 NFT public sale?

It has not yet been announced. Those wanting to jump on the MEE6 NFT bandwagon must join their Discord server in order to receive regular updates on the project.

Currently, however, the “Join our Discord” button on the website links to the @MEE6NFT Twitter page, which links back to a general landing page for the project, rather than an actual Discord server. 

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Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

On a post in the subreddit r/discordapp, Reddit users have been airing their thoughts about MEE6’s decision to “join the NFT craze”. Not everyone is keen.

Opinions range from liking the art – “but not to the point that I’d actually pay for it” – to thinking the whole foray is a “waste of time”.

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