Jay and Silent Bob drop second NFT collection: Contents, prices and dates

Bruno Cooke July 27, 2022
Jay and Silent Bob drop second NFT collection: Contents, prices and dates
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Jay and Silent Bob – fictional characters played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in the Clerks cinematic universe – first opened their “crypto studio” in April 2021 with a collection of NFTs sold via Semkhor.

The homepage of their crypto website currently hosts a letter thanking “everyone who made our first drop a big success”.

They’ve since collaborated with Funko, a company that designs and sells “unique pop culture collectibles”, and launched their second NFT collection via Droppp.

What is the Jay and Silent Bob x Funko NFT collection all about, how much were individual tokens, and what are the upcoming “important dates” on their NFT timeline? 

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What is the Jay and Silent Bob x Funko NFT collection all about?

Funko and Jason Mewes announced together via Twitter on 15 July 2022 that the Jay and Silent Bob x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop!™ NFT collection would be “coming soon to Droppp”.

Droppp is a website that hosts NFT auctions. 

Series 1 of Jay and Silent Bob’s collaborative NFT release with Funko comprised a total of 13,000 “packs” of “Digital Pops”.

6,500 of them were “standard”, 6,500 “premium”. Droppp doesn’t allow people living in Russia to buy tokens on its website, but no other territory restrictions seemed to apply to the sale.

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How much were the tokens?

There were 13,000 Jay and Silent Bob x Funko Digital Pop NFTs, all of which have already sold out for roughly $2 per token.

They were available to buy in batches. Five cost $9.99; 15 cost $29.99. Collectors could buy packs of Pops during the primary sale. Some were rarer than others.

Anyone who landed a Pop of “Legendary”, “Grail” or “Royalty” rarity has the opportunity to redeem their token for a “rare, exclusive physical collectible”.

There are three types of physical collectible available as part of the Jay and Silent Bob NFT drop: Silent Bob With Gas Mask (of which there are a total of 999 available); Jay With No Pants (2,100 available); and Freddy Funko With Mooby Meal (2,600 available).

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What if you missed out on the original sale?

For those who didn’t manage to “snag” a digital collectible before they sold out, the Funko website’s info page on the Jay and Silent Bob NFT drop encourages would-be owners to join the relevant Discord server.

Do so by clicking here. You’ll need a Discord username in order to join the server.

Once you’re in, Funko promises it will become clear how to buy packs on the secondary market.

“Our friendly moderators will help guide you.”

Secondary sales of NFTs often take place on digital marketplaces websites like Opensea, although there are other options too.

One Piece Film Red | Trailer2

One Piece Film Red | Trailer2

Some important dates for those taking part in the Jay and Silent Bob NFT drop

The Digital Pop pack drop took place yesterday (Tuesday, 26 July 2022).

On 23 November 2022, Funko will release redemption tokens. These will arrive in the digital wallets holding redeemable Digital Pop and/or qualifying Royalty sets – Grail, Legendary, etc.

A month later, on 23 December, the redemption window ends. That means anyone holding a Digital Pop labelled Legendary, Grail or Royalty must redeem them within 30 days in order to receive their physical collectibles. Redeem via this link, when the time comes.

Finally, on an as yet undisclosed date in spring 2023, the physical collectibles will become available. “Sit back and relax”, Funko says. “Your limited edition physical collectible figures will be on their way.”

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