The Imaginary Ones NFT whitelist has got kids doing push-ups

Bruno Cooke January 24, 2022
The Imaginary Ones NFT whitelist has got kids doing push-ups


Imaginary Ones will be adding 20 more individuals to their NFT whitelist very soon – with almost 120K Twitter followers, competition will be fierce. Already, people have shown the lengths to which they will go to bag a place on the Imaginary Ones whitelist, including giving away NFTs of their own and recording themselves doing push-ups. What do we know about the Imaginary Ones NFT drop so far?

What do we know about Imaginary Ones’ NFT timeline?

Imaginary Ones joined Twitter in January 2022, although its co-founders Gentle Whale and Clement Chia joined in May 2007 and July 2009 respectively.

OpenSea, an NFT trading platform, currently lists zero Imaginary Ones tokens, indicating that there aren’t any Imaginary Ones NFTs in circulation yet.

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3d illustration.

Given that they’ve already started making whitelist announcements, it seems likely that Imaginary Ones’ NFT drop isn’t too far off. But there aren’t any details yet as to when exactly it will happen. The website’s Coming Soon button doesn’t actually link anywhere – yet. 

Whenever they arrive, Imaginary Ones NFTs will probably take the form of animated balloon-avatars. Check out their Instagram for 12 examples.

Understanding the Imaginary Ones NFT whitelist

NFT projects use “whitelists” for various reasons: they spread out buyers and avoid extortionate gas fees; they encourage community members to be proactive in Discord servers; and they incentivise early supporters to advertise the project to other people. Read more on whitelisting here.

For a chance to get onto the whitelist for Imaginary Ones’ upcoming NFT drop, supporters hare been told to follow the project on Twitter, like the post embedded above, retweet it, and tag two friends.

It’s in this way that creators recruit their supporters to promote projects. But some people have been going a step (or two) further.

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HUMANKIND | Official Endless Mod Trailer

HUMANKIND | Official Endless Mod Trailer

What are some of the things people are doing to get onto Imaginary Ones’ whitelist?

Project creators choose who makes it onto their whitelist and who doesn’t. But there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to currying favour.

One Twitter user appears to have played the sympathy card, saying they “haven’t got any friends to tag”. “Tag me!” another responded. “We are fam!” Imaginary Ones replied by writing, “That’s really nice of you” – but will either of the original commenters make it onto the list?

More than one Imaginary Ones follower has made a piece of fan art.

Someone even said they’d give away five of their own NFTs if they made it onto the whitelist. They didn’t specify which NFTs. “Stop begging”, another user replied.

But our hats are off to this user, who did 60 push-ups “for WL” – as in, to get on the Imaginary Ones whitelist – hoping to secure an NFT by display of strength.

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