How to get Discord's 2022 Halloween ringtone for a limited time only

Alexandra Ciufudean October 25, 2022
How to get Discord's 2022 Halloween ringtone for a limited time only


Think getting a voice call stresses you out? Think again. Discord’s Halloween 2022 ringtone aims to dial the fright factor up to 11.

Their 2020 Halloween ringtone was a hit with users, though the special feature went sorely missing the following year.

Now it’s back in full force, for a limited time only.

So, here is how to enable (and disable) Discord’s 2022 Halloween ringtone, how long it will be available and which devices it’s compatible with.

Boy dressed in Halloween costumes sitting on the stairs in front of the house and using smart phone trick or treat

What Discord has in store for Halloween 2022

This Halloween 2022, Discord is coming at users with a new ringtone, released Monday, October 24.

The trend started on Halloween 2020, when the app have tried to bring “something eerier” than their classic call sound but was sorely missed by users the following year. Now, Discord’s special Halloween ringtone is back!

Their first time round in 2020, the app went all out and enlisted the help of hyperpop duo 100 gecs. Between covid-19 lockdowns and the success of Among Us, business was booming and Discord had announced a $100 million funding round in June that year.

The resulting ringtone is both delightful and spooky and quickly became a favorite with users.

And the 2022 ringtone, which dropped yesterday, is quickly gaining on it.

How to get Discord’s 2022 Halloween ringtone? Compatible OSs and end date

According to Discord’s Halloween 2022 FAQ, the new ringtone is available on desktop, browser and iOS. However, the support team jokes, the special ringtone was deemed “too eerie” for Android so it’s not available on this OS at the moment.

To install the 2022 Halloween ringtone, all users need to do is refresh their app client and enjoy. Uninstalling it, however, takes a couple more steps.

If, for some reason, you want to turn off your Halloween ringtone, there are two options, depending on the device.

Desktop users should go to User Settings > Notifications > Toggle off “Halloween Incoming Ring” to disable their spooky holiday tone.

To turn off the feature on iOS on the other hand, users should tap User Settings > Sounds > Toggle off “Halloween Incoming Ring”.

However, those still on the fence about the new ringtone, won’t need to put up with it for too long. Discord’s 2022 Halloween ringtone is only available for a week and a half, from October 24 to November 3.

Discord users react to spooky new ringtone

That last sentence might be sad news to some users who are already begging Discord to keep the new Halloween ringtone as an option year-round.

Overall, users seem to be enjoying the new ringtone – at least enough to make one-hour loop videos of it.

And, apparently, enough to turn the occasion into a meme-fest.

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