How long does Dall-E Mini take? Is it bogged down by 'too much traffic'?

Rachael Grealish June 10, 2022
How long does Dall-E Mini take? Is it bogged down by 'too much traffic'?


If you’ve seen a grid of strange images on social media, you’ve seen them all. But maybe it was actually your first contact with Dall-E Mini, an AI program that spits out art from a text prompt. How long does it take to make these uncanny AI masterpieces and can you give it a spin too?

The image-generating software has taken the internet by storm as people have started to make their own weird, wonderful, and bizarre creations with it.

What is Dall-E Mini?

If you haven’t noticed it before Dall-E mini is, basically, software that generates images based on the information the user gives it. But, it’s not really that basic.

According to Josh Nicholas, in The Guardian, its developers, billion-dollar AI lab OpenAI, have been pretty clever, he said they got a computer to “look” at millions or billions of pictures of cats and bridges and so on alongside phrases and words that would go with the images.

Dall-E Mini
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Then the algorithm allows the users to put in phrases, words and prompts and the software then ‘visualises’ these words, using the images it’s learnt before, and eventually creates a series of images based on what the user has asked of what the software ‘thinks’ the image ‘should’ look like.

How to use the viral software

It’s a pretty simple software to use – clearly more simple than the time the developers had creating it – and a user can visit the site, and put in a few choice words or phrases, as crazy or normal, as they like.

Then the software will attempt to give you its best guess at what you want and put these in a three-by-three grid for you to enjoy.

How long does Dall-E Mini take to put together its creations?

Well, ideally it only takes a few moments, but according to The Tab it can take a while to generate the creations and members of the Dall-E Mini discussion page said it can take 30 seconds to a minute, but some have discussed the traffic issues it’s had due to its popularity.

And, wow, are there some masterpieces coming from this trend. From Shrek surfing and Boris Johnson eating a fish to the moment we all realised Gandalf actually posed for Van Gogh. Dall-E mini has not failed to produce some absolute corkers for the internet to enjoy.

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