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Google hints at Pixel Watch price range and surprise features at I/O product reveal

Shania Wilson May 12, 2022
Credit: CNET YouTube.

Google is bringing a new smartwatch to the market, and it seems Android fans are eager to get their hands on one.

Google’s newly unveiled Pixel Watch combines the features of a smartwatch with Fitbit health tracking. If you didn’t know, Google purchased Fitbit in 2019 for $2 billion.

According to Tech Advisor, Google has had plans to release a watch in the works since 2018, and now the product is finally materialising.

More details about the Pixel Watch are set to be shared later this year but, for now, we break down everything we know, including new features and an estimated price range.

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Google announces new Pixel Watch

Apple and Samsung could face fierce competition in the smartwatch market. Google just unveiled Pixel Watch, which can only be paired with Android devices.

At the 2022 I/O event, the tech giant revealed its smartwatch would be available later this year, incorporating FitBit features such as sleep tracking and heart-rate monitoring.

According to Tom’s Guide, you’ll also be able to control your Google smart home devices through the watch, while the product will run on the company’s own Wear OS.

As for the exterior, Google described the Pixel Watch as a “bold circular, domed design”, but the casing is reportedly manufactured from recycled stainless steel.

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Google Pixel Watch estimated price point should be similar to Apple Watch

The Google Pixel Watch isn’t set to be on the market for another few months, but how much can you expect it to set you back when it releases?

The company has yet to confirm an exact price, but tech experts estimate the price point could be similar to that of the Apple Watch.

As reported by Tech Advisor, a leaker claims a rumoured sporty version of the Pixel Watch will cost about $400 (£330) but the original Pixel Watch will be priced slightly lower.

Tom’s Guide suggests the price could near $300, competing with the Apple Watch Series 7 ($399) and the Samsung Galaxy Watch ($249).

Keep your eyes peeled!

Google unveils other products at 2022 I/O event

The Google Pixel Watch isn’t the only new product announced by the company.

During the 2022 I/O event, Google also confirmed the release of budget phone Pixel 6a, which will arrive in July, and wireless earbuds that include noise cancellation features.

Likewise, Google briefly discussed the Pixel Tablet, which is expected to be available to buy in 2023.

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