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How to use Spotify Festify 2021: Forest Fest, Volcano Jam explained

Jane Corscadden April 13, 2021
How to use Spotify Festify 2021: Forest Fest, Volcano Jam explained

How to use Spotify Festify 2021: Forest Fest, Volcano Jam, and Unholy Space explained. Around this time every year, the internet takes off with people rushing to make a festival line up out of their fav artists on Spotify over at Festify.

But how do you use Festify? And what do the terms Forest Fest, Volcano Jam, and Unholy Space mean in relation to Spotify?

What is Festify 2021 and how to use it?

Festify takes your most listened to music on Spotify and creates a visual festival line-up that you can share on social media.

It was created in 2017 by Rick Rieta to play around with Spotify’s programming interface.

Then came along Tony Bui, a freelance illustrator who redesigned the app and made it the appealing site we all know and love today.

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Source: Festify

It’s really simple to use.

Firstly, head over to the website and click ‘login with Spotify.’

Then select if you want your festival line-up to include your most listened to artists from the last month, six months, or all time.

You’re then presented with a festival line-up featuring all your favs from that time period!

Your ‘headliner’ is the musician you listen to most, in the biggest font on your line-up poster.

What are Forest Fest, Unholy Space, and Volcano Jam on Spotify Festify 2021?

So, these terms have been intriguing people online, as they seem to be a bit random.

Yes, they’re linked to Festify, but they’re not as mind-boggling as you’d think.

They’re simply the names of each imaginary ‘festival’ you create featuring your favourite artists.

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So, Volcano Jam is the festival created from your top artists in the past month, Forest Fest is the festival name for your top artists over the last six months, and Unholy Space is the name for the festival featuring your all-time favourites.

The names seem to be chosen as they sound like they could really be festival names. It’s all a bit of fun, after all!

Twitter reacts to Spotify Festify 2021

Social media users have been lining up to try out Festify for themselves.

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