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Truth Social will cost users real life money to reserve a username

Bruno Cooke February 16, 2022
does truth social cost money / is truth social app free
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Truth Social will reportedly launch officially on 21 February 2022, “according to an Apple Inc App Store listing”, writes The Guardian.

Truth Social doesn’t currently appear on the Apple Store or Google Play Store, although former US president Donald Trump appears to be active on a beta version of the app (see below).

Ahead of its launch, those tempted to join the Truth Social app would do well to know username reservation seems to cost money in the form of a donation, although joining the wait-list is free.

Truth Social sign-up process causes confusion

People have been receiving texts inviting them to join Truth Social. One Twitter user described the experience in the following terms: “It was as welcome as an invitation for a root canal without Novocain.”

The text you receive contains a link to a page inviting people to sign up for Trump’s social media platform. For those who didn’t receive a text, here’s the link.

It’s a short form with the words “Response requested” at the top. The first question asks: “Would You Join Trump’s Social Media?” with every word capitalised.

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You’re then required to enter your first and last names, an email address and a mobile phone number. 

The mobile number is required, although the accompanying text includes the sentence “if you would prefer to donate online without providing your phone number, click here” (with a link to a similar webpage asking for donations).

The question is: why redirect people to a donation page as an alternative to providing a phone number? The answer appears to be a donation is required to join the Truth Social app.

Does the Truth Social app cost money, or is it free?

After submitting a valid name, email address and phone number, the webpage redirects you to the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s (NRSC’s) WinRed page to reserve your username. 

Daily Dot has screenshots of the process here. Donald Trump has been active on a beta version of the app – see below:

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Truth Social allows users to join the app waiting list for free – but it doesn’t let you reserve a username. To do that, you have to make a donation to the NRSC. 

The exact figure you need to pay to gain access to the app isn’t clear, although Daily Dot’s reporting suggests it is $35. In addition, users in question-and-answer board Quora have been questioning whether joining Truth Social is “worth the $35 price tag”.

However, The Daily Dot also appears to have managed to reserve a username for as little as $1.

Truth Social app is first product of new Trump company

ABC News reported in October 2021 that Truth Social “could provide the former president with a substantial infusion of cash”. 

It is the first product of Trump’s new company, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). In January, The Guardian reported TMTG agreed in October 2021 to merge with Digital World Acquisition Corp “at a valuation of $875 million”. 

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The Wolf Among Us 2 | Official Full Trailer

The Wolf Among Us 2 | Official Full Trailer

If Truth Social does cost money to sign up when it finally launches this month, it would be one of a small number of social media apps to do so. Most are free to join and make their money from advertisers.

Having reserved a user name for Truth Social, Daily Dot tech writer Claire Goforth claims the webpage redirected her to the NRSC’s fundraising page.

She writes: “There begins a series of questions and offers. The questions were standard fare about whether you support Trump or plan to join Truth Social. After 13 questions and offers, each (of) which directed back to NRSC’s WinRed page, the questions dead-ended on a page asking for donations for 41 Republican senators.”

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