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How to hatch your very own Dastardly Ducks NFT and help Smol Farm

Bruno Cooke January 25, 2022
How to hatch your very own Dastardly Ducks NFT and help Smol Farm


Thorne Melker and Mandy Musselwhite raised close to $120,000 in under six hours with an NFT drop of Dastardly Ducks – all to save their real life duck egg farm. Are there any Ducks left, where can you find them, and what’s left on the Dastardly roadmap?

How many Dastardly Ducks NFTs were there in the original drop?

The Dastardly Ducks website lists the NFTs as sold out – or, “hatched out”. They all hatched in under six hours. But it provides two links where prospective buyers can buy second-hand. 

There are 10,000 Dastardly Duck NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They’re part of the “Smol Farm metaverse” – note that Smol Farm is also a real place, with real ducks. 

At present, they belong to 842 owners. According to their listing on OpenSea, the current floor price is 0.002 ETH.

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Close-up, overhead view of yellow rubber ducks in a line on a blue background.

They’re also available to buy on LooksRare, another digital NFT marketplace. At time of writing – early afternoon on Tuesday, 25 January 2022 – the price of one “duck that lives on the blockchain” is £3.59 (just under $5).

What’s next on the Dastardly Ducks NFT roadmap?

Phase one of the roadmap is 10,000 unique Dastardly Ducks NFTs being “hatchable” on the DD website – some of those are now available to buy on OpenSea, etc.

The second phase involves real ducklings. “Several dozen”, in fact. Thorne Melcher and Mandy Musselwhite, of the real life Smol Farm, will raise them and document their growth on video.

They are very clear that the ducks are not for eating – only for “eggs, cuteness, and fertilising the soil”.

Finally, Melcher and Musselwhite “want to see the Dastardly Duck community grow and evolve”. While the roadmap may end, they “do not want the road itself to end”.

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Who is FUMEIJI, the artist behind the NFT artworks?

Queer Filipino-American artist FUMEIJI is behind the Dastardly Ducks NFT artworks. 

Find them on Twitter here, Foundation here and Reddit here (and Dastardly Ducks on Twitter here).

The sales of Dastardly Ducks will benefit Smol Farm, a duck egg farm, just outside Atlanta. 

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Sweet Magnolias | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Sweet Magnolias | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

“We saved our farm by selling cartoon ducks. It was like a fever dream,” Melcher told CNBC

“We only have half a dozen ducks and we’ve always wanted to expand beyond this,” she continued. 

“We already have more eggs than we know what to do with for personal use, and now there are people in our Discord channel that are wondering how they can pay for real eggs off of us.”

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