With covid restrictions sweeping the globe, people are getting a bit fed up. Last week, Twitter user Alice Willow (@alliinwillowland, now deleted) took to the platform to express her frustration. Her frustration, coupled with what later transpired, left some Twitter users enraged.

Let’s see what the fuss was about.

What did Alice Willow say on Twitter?

Last Thursday (November 26), Alice Willow took to Twitter to say she would continue attending church despite covid restrictions in her area urging individuals not to. Willow added that she was willing to die for her religion.

Two days after this post, she tweeted that she and her husband had just tested positive for coronavirus. She explained this was especially worrisome news because her husband had a pre-existing condition that put him at elevated risk for covid-related complications, and asked her followers to pray for the both of them.

Although Willow has since deleted her original Twitter account, screenshots remain:

Who is Alice Willow?

Not much is known about Alice Willow, as she has since deleted her original Twitter and Instagram accounts in response to backlash over the pair of tweets mentioned above.

As of December 1, Alice Willow has created a new Twitter profile and urged that her old account is now private.

One thing we know for sure about Alice is she attends church and identifies as “a Christian, God’s servant” according to her new Twitter bio.

It has also been suggested by some users that she may support Trump, owing to her calling the novel coronavirus the “China Virus”, a term often used by Donald Trump.

Twitter reacts to the now-deleted posts

Those Twitter users who stumbled across Alice’s tweets while her old account was still active did not react kindly to the situation. Here are a few of the more level-headed responses to the now-deleted tweets.

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