Why was Tony Gonzalez wearing gloves on Thursday Night Football?

Amber Peake September 23, 2022
Why was Tony Gonzalez wearing gloves on Thursday Night Football?
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Football fans couldn’t help but notice Tony Gonzalez was wearing gloves while co-hosting Thursday Night Football this week, with some having since wondered why.

On Thursday (September 23), viewers spotted Gonzalez had donned a pair of gloves as he and his fellow co-hosts of the Amazon Prime Video show covered the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Reactions to his decision to wear gloves have since taken over social media, with others having wondered why Tony Gonzalez opted to wear a pair of gloves.

Ghosts | Series 4 Trailer | BBC

Ghosts | Series 4 Trailer | BBC

Tony Gonzalez donned a pair of gloves for this week’s TNF 

As football fans tuned into Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football coverage of the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers match, some viewers couldn’t help but notice that Tony Gonzalez was wearing gloves.

The game took place at the home field of the Cleveland Browns at the FirstEnergy Stadium, with Gonzalez seen at the size of the field alongside fellow hosts Charissa Thompson and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

After spotting the analyst wearing gloves on the panel, Thursday Night Football, viewers were quick to point out the temperature in Cleveland on Twitter.

One user wrote: “Why is Tony Gonzalez wearing a scarf and gloves? It’s not that cold in Cleveland.” Another echoed: “It’s 60 degrees in Cleveland, and Tony Gonzalez is wearing a scarf and gloves. I’m not even that bad.”

While sharing a picture of Gonzalez during the coverage, a third added: “60 degrees in Cleveland, and Tony Gonzalez is wearing gloves and a scarf.”

Why was Tony Gonzalez wearing gloves?

The Thursday Night Football co-host opted to wear a pair of gloves during coverage because he was cold. 

In a post shared on his Twitter and Instagram, Gonzalez addressed why as he reacted to the attention his accessory had garnered across social media. 

He began: “Haters gonna hate, but this California kid gets cold!” Gonzalez went on to add that he is keeping a jacket on standby in the case ahead of future cold weather. 

The former NFL player also shared a clip from the Thursday Night Football coverage where he remarked about how cold it was. 

While talking to his co-hosts Charissa Thompson and Ryan Fitzpatrick, he said: “It is so cold guys, I ain’t gonna lie. I’m freezing right now.”

Gonzalez reflected on NFL start amid TNF debut last week 

Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football hit our screens last week as Gonzalez and his fellow co-hosts covered the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers game.

It was an especially poignant moment for Gonzalez as it took place at the Chiefs’ home field of Arrowhead Stadium, with the former player having spent his first 12 seasons in the NFL with the Chiefs. 

He played out the rest of his footballing career as part of the Atlanta Falcons before retiring in 2013. While he stepped away from the field stayed connected to the game as he became an analyst for CBS and later Fox.

Reflecting on being a part of football coverage once again, and being back at the Chiefs’ home field, he wrote: “This old man has still got it! All that foam rolling paid off. Felt great to be at Arrowhead again! And I had a blast with my team at @primevideo.”

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