Why is Lil Wayne a Packers fan, after fans spot rapper at Lambeau Field?

Joshua Rogers January 23, 2022
Why is Lil Wayne a Packers fan, after fans spot rapper at Lambeau Field?
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The rapper was recently spotted at Lambeau Field watching his beloved team win against the Detroit Lions. People speculated why Lil Wayne is a Packers fan when he orginates from New Orleans, so here’s why.

Green Bay Packers superfan Lil Wayne was in attendance at Lambeau Field in September to watch their home season opener.

The Packers ran out 35-17 winners against the Detroit Lions, with Aaron Jones scoring four touchdowns, three on catches from Rodgers.

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The rapper is a huge green and yellow fan, so much so that he remixed Wiz Khalifa’s Black And Yellow, creating the song Green And Yellow in the year they won the Super Bowl.

Ahead of their Divisional Round game against the 49ers on 22 January 2022, Lil Wayne tweeted his support.

However, some fans were curious to know why Lil Wayne is a Packers fan and not the New Orleans Saints, his native city.

Why is Lil Wayne a Packers fan?

Lil Wayne appeared on ESPN’s First Take in 2015 and explained why he’s a Packers fan. Basically, Lil Wayne’s father went to Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans in 1997 to watch the Packers defeat the New England Patriots.

After the game, Wayne’s father brought home all kinds of Packers souvenirs such as cups, towels etc.

Wayne, who was 14 at the time and coming from a low-income family, told First Take that those souvenirs were used regularly in the house.

He explained: “They got put with the real towels. You bathe and use those towels every day and those cups are used every day. I had to use a Green Bay Packers cup, a Green Bay Packers towel every day.” 

He went on to say that popular NFL video game Madden (1998) came out later that year.

Because of the amount of Packers’ memorabilia in the house, he felt compelled to play as them – and Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre – in the game.

The Saints never really got a look in.

“I’m a Green Bay fan forever. There’s no comparison [between the Packers and the Saints],” he told First Take’s Stephen A Smith.

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Wayne is a regular at Lambeau Field

The rapper was at Lambeau Field in January 2021 to watch a 32-18 victory over the Los Angeles Rams in their divisional play-off game.

Wayne shared some videos to Twitter showing him partying in a private suite overlooking the field.

His song Green And Yellow can be heard in one of the videos.

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