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Why football may be very different when it returns

John Reid April 8, 2020
Why football may be very different when it returns

Football will eventually return to British soil. That is undisputed. At some stage, the current global event will be reduced enough to enable the game to be played once more.

However, it could look very different to the game that came shuddering to a halt last month.

The biggest difference could be the change to the current number of clubs that play professional football in the UK. There has to be a concern that some clubs may go out of business due to the current situation.

Hopefully that won’t happen, but there could be a chance that some smaller clubs could go to the wall. The authorities may have to find a way to step in to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

There is also another major change that may be in the offing.

There is a real chance that matches – especially in England – will be played behind closed doors.

That will radically change the game as we know it. It will make playing games very different to before, as obviously the crowd played a huge part in football matches.

When football does return, it may at first be played in front of dramatically reduced crowds as the social distancing policy continues.

Perhaps it is not surprising that with the world facing an unprecedented situation, that football will face changes.

Still, even if the games are played and perhaps shown live on television then it will give some enjoyment to people during these unique times.

Football could be a different game when it returns, but the objectives will remain the same – to put the ball into the back of the game.

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