Why did Clyde kill Abigail on Days? Fan theories explored

Ella Kipling September 23, 2022
Why did Clyde kill Abigail on Days? Fan theories explored
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Days of Our Lives viewers have seemingly watched the conclusion of the murder mystery over Abigail’s death, and many are shocked at the reveal.

Despite the fact that Abigail was killed three months ago, her murderer remained at large with the Salem community divided over who did it.

Thursday’s episode ended on a serious cliffhanger, with all clues now pointing to Clyde being the killer who stabbed Abigail to death in June.

His motives, however, remain unknown. Fans have shared theories online, while others are still unconvinced that Clyde is the killer. Let’s take a look…

Looking back at Abigail’s murder

Back in June, Chad was shocked to come home and see Abigail lying in the bedroom after being stabbed to death. Her husband was now a widower, with two children to raise alone.

Abigail’s death had a real effect on the community and in Thursday’s episode (September 22nd) we see Jennifer, Abigail’s mother, getting emotional whilst looking at a photograph of her daughter.

Miller told Soap Opera News that after her character was killed off there was “a really eerie feeling on set” during the whole week.

She said: “Even Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans) stopped me in the hall and she was like, ‘I feel like somebody really, actually died’. It was emotional and eerie and strange.”

Episode reveals that Clyde killed Abigail

The latest episode shows Chad telling Rafe that Sonny smelt vanilla right before he was attacked. When Chad saw Craig, he got a strong whiff of the scent, leading to yet more clues pointing towards Craig being the killer. However, Rafe is unsure what Craig’s motive would be.

Outside the pub, Chad sees Nancy and tells her he saw Craig yesterday. He asks Nancy if he has always worn a vanilla scent, but Nancy says that Craig never wore cologne. Clyde, however, does wear a vanilla scent.

As Chad recalls that he did in fact see Craig with Clyde in the square, viewers were left reeling by the revelation.

Fans theorize about why Clyde killed Abigail

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the potential motives Clyde could have had to murder Abigail.

One person wrote: “Could Clyde be holding some weird past revenge for what went down with Abi and Ben years ago? That’s the only motive I can think of.”

Another user agreed with that, saying it was the “only motive” they could think of.

However, another viewer suggested that Clyde could have murdered Abigail after coming to the mansion to take out EJ.

They posted on the forum: “I’m guessing that, given all of the rooms in the place, he may have burst into Abby’s room, she could positively identify him, and he knifed her. Also, it’s not Clyde’s first rodeo having sneaked into the DiMera mansion before.”

Viewers are not convinced Clyde killed Abigail

Some viewers simply could not get their heads around the fact that Clyde supposedly killed Abigail. Many pointed out the fact that he appeared to have an alibi during Abigail’s murder, as he was out fishing when it happened. They, therefore, feel it makes no sense that he is the killer.

Someone wrote: “Tbh I don’t think Clyde murdered Abigail. I mean didn’t they have solid proof of him being on a camera during the time that Abigail was murdered?”

However, others pointed out that it wouldn’t be that uncommon for someone to fake an alibi.

Meanwhile, others were perplexed over the cologne plot point, with one fan joking: “I can’t picture someone like Clyde wearing something that smells like vanilla.”

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