As the world reacts to the shocking Netflix Untold episode that explores the story behind the girlfriend who didn’t exist, we investigate the relationship between Manti Te’o and his wife, Jovi.

Following on from five episodes in 2021, Netflix has provided viewers with a fresh instalment of Netflix Untold.

The latest episode explores the true story of Manti Te’o, a college footballer whose life was turned upside down when he thought his grandmother and girlfriend had died on the same night – only to find out his girlfriend had been a catfish all along.

Almost ten years on from the infamous incident, we explore Teo’s life now and his relationship with wife Jovi.

Manti and wife Jovi Te’o’s relationship explored

Finding someone you click with online and becoming partners only for them to fake their own death is thankfully a traumatic experience few of us will go through.

During Manti’s college football career at the University of Notre Dame, his world came crashing down around him as he discovered he had lost both his grandma and – he thought – his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, on the same day.

Remarkably, after dedicating his upcoming football season to the pair, Manti went on to have an outstanding year – earning himself a nomination for the coveted Heisman Trophy.

Just weeks later, though, Manti discovered his girlfriend hadn’t been dead all along. Rather, he’d been elaborately catfished by a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, The Sun reports, who had created the fake identity, led Manti along online, and then faked ‘Lennay’s’ death.

Thankfully, the former NFL star has overcome the catfish trauma and it seems the linebacker couldn’t be happier with life with wife Jovi.

Having started seeing each other in 2015, Manti and Jovi tied the knot in a low-key beach ceremony in August 2020.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Jovi told her followers Manti was her “best friend,” describing the service as “perfect.”

That’s not all, though. In August 2021, the pair announced the birth of daughter Hiro, who celebrated her first birthday this week. How cute!

Jovi’s career explored

Boasting an Instagram following of almost 30,000, Jovi is a fitness fanatic – regularly posting workout content taken at the gym.

Her well-tended page provides followers with an aesthetically pleasing glimpse into her family life with Manti and Hiro as well as their cute family dog. But Jovi isn’t just an influencer.

As per her bio, Jovi is a “future nurse injector” and recently celebrated finishing her fourth semester of nursing school. That means final exams and one last school semester are all that stand between her and being a qualified nurse.

Manti commits to Jovi in TV interview

You would imagine the airing of an international documentary that shows your husband’s former relationship with an online catfish could make for an awkward household atmosphere.

Thankfully, though, it would appear Manti and Jovi aren’t fazed. In a recent TV interview, Manti took the time to mention Jovi and how important she is to him – and the trainee nurse appeared to appreciate the gesture.

Speaking on CBS Mornings, Manti beamed as he described being a “loving husband” to a “great wife.” Jovi reposted his comments to her Instagram alongside a caption with a love heart and a baby emoji.

After a whirlwind few years, it would appear all’s well that ends well for Manti and Jovi.