Who are the gymnastics commentators at the 2022 Commonwealth Games?

Joshua Rogers July 29, 2022
Who are the gymnastics commentators at the 2022 Commonwealth Games?
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Who are the gymnastics commentators and pundits at the 2022 Commonwealth Games? Let’s meet the BBC’s team.

The Commonwealth Games are here with the prestigious multi-sport event taking place from Thursday 28 July to Monday 8 August, live from Alexander Stadium, Birmingham.

The BBC are covering the extensive list of sports that make up the Games, with an expert broadcast team on hand to provide insight and analysis.

Gymnastics schedule revealed

The gymnastics competitions have been held at the Commonwealth Games since 1978 and this is the tenth time we have seen gymnasts in the Games.

There are two sectors of gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games with the men and women split up for the artistic second and all-around performances taking place in the rhythmic.

Both Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics will be held at Arena Birmingham. The Artistic Gymnastics start on 29 July until 2 August and the Rhythmic Gymnastics are held from 4 to 6 August.

The Men’s Artistic schedule, which begins on 29 July, has three subdivisions with 18 nations and territories competing in total, with the third subdivision featuring the medallists in the team competition from Gold Coast 2018 – England, Canada and Scotland, plus New Zealand, Australia and Cyprus.

The Women’s Artistic competition begins the following day on 30 July and this contains four subdivisions with four teams in each. Scotland feature in the second, whilst England, who won team silver four years ago, and Wales are in the fourth subdivision, alongside 2018 gold medallists, Canada, and Australia who won team bronze in the Gold Coast.

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Events in Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Artistic Gymnastics includes some of the most anticipated events in the programme of any multi-sport competition. The sport sees its athletes leaping, twirling and flying across a range of iconic apparatus, earning points from a panel of judges and amazement from spectators.

Some of the events include the balance beam, rings, vault, uneven bars and pommel horse.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics includes individual all-around, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. Both the Artistic and the Rhythmic Gymnastics are split up into sub divisons to divide the nations up and streamline qualification.

These are the Artistic subdivisions:

Subdivision One:

  • 1st Group: Cayman Islands and Pakistan
  • Group 2: Jersey and Sri Lanka
  • Group 3: Bangladesh and South Africa

Subdivision Two:

  • Fourth Group: Northern Ireland and Malaysia
  • Group 5: Singapore and India
  • Group 6: Wales and Jamaica

Subdivision Three:

  • 7th Group: England and New Zealand
  • Group 8: Canada and Scotland
  • Group 9: Australia and Cyprus

These are the Rhythmic subdivisions:

Subdivision One:

  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Gibraltar
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Scotland
  • Sri Lanka

Subdivision Two:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Malaysia
  • Wales
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Who are the gymnastics commentators at the 2022 Commonwealth Games?

Fans tuning in also wanted to know who the gymnastics commentators at the 2022 Commonwealth Games are. The gymnastics pundits include Max Whitlock, three-time Olympic gold medallist, and Beth Tweddle, Olympic bronze medallist.

The gymnastics commentators are Matt Baker, Craig Heap and Christine Still, who also did the Tokyo Olympics coverage for the BBC.

Craig Heap is a retired Commonwealth Games Gold medal winning gymnast, who has represented England over 100 times in various international gymnastic competitions.

Christine Still is a long-time BBC commentator and gymnastic coach. She was honoured at the British Gymnastics National Awards in 2019 for her outstanding contribution to the sport.

Still has been part of the gymnastics community for over 44 years, and was awarded the Frank Edmonds trophy for her incredible commitment to gymnastics.

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