ESPN morning radio fans have been wondering where KJZ host Jay Williams is and what happened to him. The former NBA star and NCAA champion has been absent for weeks now, with co-hosts Keyshawn Johnson and Alan Hahn filling in instead.

Jay Williams absent from KJZ recently

Co-host Jay Williams has been missing from ESPN’s KJZ recently, causing concern from some fans.

KJZ features Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams (JWill), and SportsCenter host Zubin Mehenti discussing the top sports stories of the day.

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Zubin has been away because of health concerns, and has been replaced by host Alan Hahn.

Keyshawn has been alongside him, although there’s been no word on Williams.

Here’s Johnson and Hahn discussing the NFL’s top trios recently.

Williams has taken some heat in recent months

Williams has taken some heat in recent months over a couple of incidents.

The first came when Williams, through his verified Twitter account, said Boston Celtics’ new head coach, Ime Udoka, was the first head coach of colour for the team.

Udoka is actually the sixth head coach of colour, and Williams was criticised for not doing his research.

He tweeted the following in response to the incident.

Jay Williams then got into a back and forth with Kevin Durant, after Williams told a story about the Nets star on ESPN’s Get Up!

During the segment, Jay Williams mentioned KD didn’t take a comparison to Giannis Antetokounmpo well, and told Williams to never compare them again.

Durant called the story “a lie” in the Instagram comments of a post about the anecdote.

Durant said: “Mans will do anything to advance their careers in this media, wanting to be accepted by an industry that will dispose of you whenever they please. Keep me out all that corny talk about who’s better and legacy and all that. I don’t even talk like that.”

Jay Williams appears to be taking time to focus on his health

Although there’s been no official word on Jay Williams, it seems the KJZ regular has taken some time away from the media to focus on his health and personal life.

On 19 August he confirmed that theory, tweeting the following.

On 17 August, former NBA star Jamal Crawford tweeted: “Sometimes taking a step back gives you the perfect view.”

Williams retweeted the post with a GIF of Yoda from Star Wars, with the caption: “Learning am I”.

People offered their support to Jay Will during an obviously trying time.

Jay Will to be replaced by Max Kellerman?

Recently, reports emerged that ESPN could stand Max Kellerman down from his First Take duties.

Andrew Marchand, of The New York Post, reported Kellerman could be headed for the network’s morning national radio show to be teamed with Keyshawn Johnson.

In regards to Jay Will, Marchand reported it was “unclear if Williams would remain” on the programme as it was a “bit onerous with his NBA role”.

There has been no official word from ESPN or Williams.

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