Tony DeAngelo tweets situation explained: Rangers player deletes Twitter

Bruno Cooke February 1, 2021
Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

American ice hockey defensemen Tony DeAngelo deleted his Twitter account, then he reappeared in disguise – or did he? – and how he’s on waivers, possibly because of an alleged altercation. If you’re out of the loop on this one, we explain the Tony Deangelo tweets situation.

What happened with Tony DeAngelo’s tweets?

Tony DeAngelo deleted his own Twitter account, apparently in protest against the microblogging platform’s decision to permanently suspend Donald Trump’s account.

Twitter banned Trump on 8 January. The same day, Tony DeAngelo tweeted: “Twitter is a disgrace”. He added that he would “only be on Instagram from now on”, and thanked his followers.

Carly Boyle/NHLI via Getty Images

On 9 January, the following day, Apple removed alternative social media app Parler from the App Store.

That same day, via his Instagram account, DeAngelo posted about the possibility of moving his social media base over to Parler.

In his Instagram story, he wrote that, “if they let Parler back up at some point I will be on Parler”. In the meantime, he would not be using social media apps. “For all the people who support me”, he continued, “I appreciate it.”

On 21 January, Parler posted on its own website that it had been “repeatedly mischaracterized and treated unjustly.”

Parler user and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity writes that he “stand[s] with Parler in the fight for free and open dialogue.”

Meanwhile, fellow user and staunch Trump supporter Dan Bongino wrote on the platform, “We will NEVER stop fighting. NEVER.”

A Twitter account with the handle @NYRFan92360244 popped up on 23 January seemingly in order to defend DeAngelo against criticism.

This led some to believe that the account was actually DeAngelo in disguise. However, this has since been called into question.

Twitter users reacts to Tony DeAngelo’s tweet rant

DeAngelo’s Twitter account no longer exists. However, that hasn’t stopped some Twitter users from talking about his current situation.

The Rangers placed Tony DeAngelo on waivers – a procedure by which an NHL team makes a player’s contract available to other teams – following an alleged altercation involving DeAngelo and goalie Alexandar Georgiev.

This is not the first time DeAngelo has been involved in an “altercation”. Bleeding Cool have collected a litany of suspensions, issues and punishments that DeAngelo has faced during his career.

Twitter user Salim Nadim Valji tweeted yesterday that, with DeAngelo’s NHL future in the balance, “it’s worth talking about how the New York Rangers enabled & promoted him the past 4 yrs.”

The initial post and its followup posts have received thousands of Likes – but also sparked debate

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