Tom Brady vampire memes resurrected amid 'unretirement' drama

Ella Kipling September 21, 2022
Tom Brady vampire memes resurrected amid 'unretirement' drama
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Recent footage of Tom Brady at a press conference has gone viral, with memes being made about the quarterback’s appearance and the football star being dubbed a “vampire.”

This internet teasing comes just two years following the death of Chadwick Boseman, who also faced bullies and memes online for his weight loss. It transpired that he had been battling colon cancer, and people were reminded to be kind towards others, as you don’t always know what is going on behind closed doors.

Brady has also become the subject of memes following his recent behavior at a match, during which he could be seen throwing a Microsoft tablet onto the floor in anger.

Tom Brady vampire memes resurface on Twitter

Following a recent press conference, memes about Brady began to circulate on Twitter after comedian Matt Fernandez shared a tweet that read: “Tom Brady looks like a vampire who refuses to eat people, so he’s been surviving on rats and chickens.”

The picture in question which has been used in the memes shows Brady sitting upright perfectly straight, with his eyes staring lifelessly ahead.

One person tweeted: “Tom Brady lookin like a vampire in oblivion.”

Another posted: “Tom Brady is a vampire, confirmed.”

“Are we sure Tom Brady wasn’t recently bitten by a vampire?” someone said.

Brady has faced vampire jokes before. The football star is 45 years old and still at the top of his game as a quarterback.

Seemingly, the only explanation for his youthfulness and peak physicality is that he… is a supernatural being?

People are urged to be kind towards others’ appearance

Just months before his death following a battle with colon cancer, which he kept quiet from the public, Chadwick Boseman was teased online about his visible weight loss.

Kelly Coffey, a personal trainer and health coach, told Insider: “The fact that Boseman had been criticized for his weight loss speaks to how superficially most people view others when their sole basis for judgment is the images they see online.”

Following Boseman’s death, internet users were reminded to remain kind and compassionate towards others, especially regarding their appearance.

It is important to remember that we often do not know the full story and why someone looks a certain way or has potentially lost or gained weight, is not always going to be public knowledge.

Brady dubbed a “vampire” by opponent

While Brady is currently being made into a meme, this is not the first time “jokes” about him being a vampire have been made.

Last year, Donte Stallworth told Sports Illustrated that the reason Brady is still playing professionally in his mid-40s is down to the fact that he is a vampire. He said:

“Tom is motivated by blood because he’s a vampire. He needs that blood to remain looking like a 25-year-old child who is just still playing in his prime so he’s out for blood.”

Brady becomes victim of Microsoft tablet meme

On September 18th during a game against the New Orleans Saints, the quarterback was seen throwing a Microsoft tablet onto the sidelines in anger.

He took to Twitter to apologize saying: “Sorry for breaking that tablet. I think that’s going to be another Twitter meme or something like that.”

This is not the first time Brady has been seen throwing a tablet at a Saints game. In fact, the very same thing happened in 2021, and Twitter users have been quick to point out the hilarious coincidence.

Memes of the video, and the side-by-side footage of Brady doing the exact same thing a year ago, have been circulating online.

One person wrote: “The Microsoft tablet might want to sit out the next Tom Brady plays the Saints.”

Another said: “Do you think the @Buccaneers have a fake/already broken Microsoft Surface tablet JUST SO @TomBrady can throw it like a toddler?”

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