Tottenham were handed the chance to re-sign Christian Eriksen back in October, according to the Athletic.

They report that the Dane is not seen as a realistic option for January either, for two reasons.

The first is the reluctance to bring back a player who walked out on the club under a year ago.

The second is Eriksen’s wage; a low tax rate in Italy means Spurs would apparently have to pay a huge amount just to match what the playmaker is earning at the San Siro now.

Denmark and Sweden - International Friendly
Lars Ronbog / FrontZoneSport via Getty Images

Some Tottenham fans reacted to the report on Twitter and there seemed to be a real split in views.

Some said they’d be happy to have Eriksen back, despite his recent departure, because of his enduring quality.

Others were pleased the club said no to a player who walked out on the club, and were unimpressed with his recent performances for Inter and before that, in the closing months of his time at Spurs.

It would certainly have been controversial to bring Eriksen back, but it looks like it won’t be happening anyway.

Here’s what some Spurs fans had to say after reading their club turned down the chance to re-sign Eriksen:

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