Watching Serge Gnabry fire Bayern Munich past Lyon and into the final of the Champions League, Arsenal fans had every right to shed a tear.

It was almost impossible to believe it was the same man who was once written off by Tony Pulis at West Brom and sold by Arsenal for a mere £5 million in August 2016.

Understandably, some Gunners fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Many focused on the fact that Wenger chose to put his faith in Alex Iwobi, making room for him by ditching Gnabry.

However, others managed to find a silver lining to what appears to have been a transfer mishap.

Vying for the most elaborate, Arsenal supporters came forward with mock theories that prove Arsene Wenger was in fact thinking many steps ahead when he dumped Gnabry.

Others have taken a more serious point of view to ease their sadness and insisted that while Serge Gnabry has undoubtedly flourished since leaving Arsenal, he could never have made that transition in North London.

Some have even credited Wenger with being a part of Gnabry’s development process, even if he then moved him on.

Whatever the truth, it was a tough evening for Arsenal fans as they watched one of their former players light up the European stage in a different shirt.

And it serves as another reminder of just how quickly fates can change in football when a player finds himself at the right club and the right environment to show his true potential.

For now, Arsenal fans can go back to focusing on the present and hoping that their new signings are more fruitful.

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