Skip Bayless' brother Rick is a famous chef you've probably seen on TV before

Joshua Rogers January 5, 2023
Skip Bayless' brother Rick is a famous chef you've probably seen on TV before
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Skip Bayless’ brother Rick is a famous chef and restaurateur who has appeared on multiple TV shows. The Undisputed host recently opened up about Rick and their relationship over the years.

Skip Bayless is one of the most recognisable and polarising figures in sports. The former columnist and radio host gained international fame on ESPN’s First Take, which later brought Stephen A Smith on board.

In 2016 Skip moved to Fox Sports, where he has appeared on Skip And Shannon: Undisputed along with Shannon Sharpe ever since. Undisputed features debates on pressing topics around the NFL, NBA, MLB and wider sports world, and often sees Shannon and Skip disagreeing on a number of hot topics.

Skip has steadily grown in fame over the year. He now has more than three million followers on Twitter and 470,000 on Instagram, making him among the most influential and well-followed analysts on TV.

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Meet Skip Bayless’ brother, Rick Bayless

The Undisputed host largely keeps his family life out of the public sphere, save for the odd TV appearance or mention of longt-ime partner Ernestine Sclafani.

But did you know Skip Bayless’ brother, Rick Bayless, is pretty famous in his own right?

Rick Bayless, 68, is two years younger than Skip and is a well-known chef and restaurateur who specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine with modern interpretations.

He is widely known for his PBS TV series Mexico: One Plate At A Time and has made plenty of appearances on the Food Network over the years.

Rick, who is a Michelin-starred chef, was also rumored to be in the running to serve as Barack Obama’s White House executive chef. His other notable accolades include winning Top Chef Masters and earning seven James Beard Awards (which recognize chefs, restaurateurs, authors and journalists in the US.)

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Skip recently spoke about their relationship

Skip had a pretty difficult upbringing as a youngster and once detailed his experiences in a lengthy Facebook post. Bayless opened up about his abusive childhood, confronting his dad over years of physical abuse, and how growing up without the support of his parents made him the person he is today.

However, it is only recently that Skip Bayless spoke about his brother Rick, as well as the death of his younger sister.

On his show The Skip Bayless Show, Skip said him and “Ricky” never really had a relationship and never had anything to talk about as they had nothing in common.

Skip said Rick was artistic and liked to act while he was more introverted and liked to read. In the end, Skip left the “dysfunctional” family home to become a “star” writer in Miami and Los Angeles, while Ricky became “one of America’s most famous and successful chefs.”

At the end of the segment, Skip said he couldn’t express how proud he was of his brother, and that he loved him without really properly knowing him.

Check it out below:

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