Does Keegan Hirst have a boyfriend? Retired rugby player's relationship status revealed

Kate Fowler October 9, 2020
Does Keegan Hirst have a boyfriend? Retired rugby player's relationship status revealed

Does Keegan Hirst have a boyfriend? Yesterday, fans were gutted to hear the 32-year-old Rugby League player announce his retirement from the sport. But, as the first openly gay rugby player in the League, some fans want to know more about Hirst’s relationship status.

Rugby player Keegan Hirst came out as gay in 2015, after separating from his wife of 4 years. He spoke honestly to the Mirror about how tough it had been for him to come to terms with his sexuality in such a macho sport:

“Especially as a rugby player and a lad who grew up on a council estate. You go out, go drinking, carrying on – that’s what you do. I convinced myself, no way could I be gay, it was inconceivable.”

Hirst’s stint on Channel 4’s First Dates

A year after coming out, Hirst appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates, where he claimed he was on his first date ever with a man.

However, straight after the episode aired, Hirst’s ex-wife tweeted at his date saying:

“Aww maybe try to date lads without boyfriends next time they may be more interesting! #awkward I should know, I married him.”

The date in question shared with The Sun that the ex-wife had messaged him to explain that Hirst had got into a relationship since leaving her: “Yes he had a boyfriend since he left me. No I’m not bitter, it’s just awkward when your daughter asks why her dad is on a dating show when he has a bf,” reads the message.

The Sun also reported that Hirst’s boyfriend allowed him to go on First Dates.

Who is Keegan Hirst’s boyfriend?

Although Hirst is quite private when it comes to his relationship on social media, we did some digging so you don’t have to!

Hirst’s boyfriend is Lewis Hill, featured in a Valentines Day snap on Hirst’s Instagram, captioned “I think Valentine’s Day is a load of shit. But I don’t think you are.”

On his boyfriend’s relationship with his kids, Hirst tweeted last year: My son was introduced to my boyfriend when he was 4. My daughter was 8. No moral outrage, no ‘issues,’ no problems whatsoever. Just lots of love, laughs and fun. Be honest, be sensible and love them unconditionally and watch how they grow up into well rounded young people.”

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