Poker's Robbi Jade Lew answers Garrett Adelstein's cheating allegations

Jasmyne Jeffery September 30, 2022
Poker's Robbi Jade Lew answers Garrett Adelstein's cheating allegations

Up-and-coming poker star Robbi Jade Lew has commented on a recent game with Garrett Adelstein after he blocked her on Twitter. Allegations of cheating surfaced when Robbi won almost $270,000 (£244,000) in a seemingly impossible move.

On Thursday, September 29, poker fans witnessed a highly unusual and controversial move in a high-stakes game. Garrett Adelstein, considered “one of the best cash game players in the world,” initially lost out on almost $270,000 when Robbi Jade Lew won the hand. After words away from the poker table, however, Jade gave half the money back to Garrett.

What exactly happened?

The game began like a standard hand. Adelstein bet $10,000, which Lew raised to $20,000. Adelstein then went all in, adding $109,000 – and that should have been the end of it.

Yet, it wasn’t.

At that point, DraftKings Nation reports there were 150 ways Lew was behind and only six where she could be ahead. Calling would mean more than double the size of the $51,700 pot. It would be foolish for anyone to do that.

Yet, she does. Lew calls the $109,000 and runs it twice.

Now the dealer has to put two river cards out, meaning one player walks away with the entire pot by having the best hand or split the plot if it’s a draw. Lew is able to fade both rivers and walks away with the $270,000. Ouch.

You can watch the entire live-stream here

What happened next?

Following the hand, commentators stated Garrett was usually a very “congratulatory” man but this time he looked totally shocked at what had just happened.

Soon after, Garrett walks away from the table before talking to Lew and the show’s producers. Although no one apart from those involved knows exactly what was said, it resulted in Garrett getting half the pot back. Garrett then left the casino and posted the following on Twitter:

In his response, Garrett prides himself on his reputation and disputes any claims the money wasn’t rightfully his.

He wrote: “If I thought there was any chance I wasn’t being cheated, I would not have accepted the refund. Any chance whatsoever that she chose to repay me the $135k for any other reason than an admission of guilt, I would never, ever accept the refund.”

Who is Robbi Jade Lew?

Not much is known about the poker star and she appears to be a relative newcomer to the game. Apart from being from California and some middling rankings in the poker world, she is pretty unknown.

Lew is fairly active on her Twitter account, using it primarily to promote poker events and live-streams she’s involved in. In May, she joined the discussion around the treatment of women in poker, sharing some of her own experiences.

Lew recalls being disrespected at the poker table by an older man and, when the dealer raised the issue with her floor manager, he asked: “What do you want me to do about it?”

Although she doesn’t post on Instagram very often, Lew’s last post featured a photo taken at an AdoptTogether event she was “honored to be a part of.”

Robbi’s response

Fans have flooded her Instagram post (even though it’s almost a year old) with messages of support since the poker game. Many think Garrett should give the money back.

Lew took to Twitter to share her response to the controversy, suggesting Garrett was the guilty one and sharing her insight into what happened:

Hustler Casino Live took to Twitter to confirm it would carry out a full investigation into what happened on its poker show:

The Focus has reached out to Garrett Adelstein for comment regarding Lew’s allegations of threatening behaviour.

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