Who is Rory Sabbatini's wife, Martina Stofanikova? Olympic caddie helps win silver in Tokyo

Eve Edwards August 1, 2021
Who is Rory Sabbatini's wife, Martina Stofanikova? Olympic caddie helps win silver in Tokyo
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Rory Sabbatini’s wife helped Slovakia win silver in golf at Tokyo Olympics, encouraging her husband to play for Team Slovakia at this year’s Summer Games. The South African golfer would not have qualified if he had played for his home team, but playing for his wife’s team instead has secured him an Olympic medal.

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Who is Rory Sabbatini’s wife?

  • Martina Stofanikova

Rory Sabbatini is married to Martina “Tina” Stofanikova. This is his second marriage, after separating from his first wife Amy.

Tina is from Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. It is unconfirmed what she does as a career, although she has helped out Rory at this year’s Olympics as his caddie. Golf players often have their partners as their caddies. This is also the set-up for Olympic bronze medallist CT Pan and his wife.

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How did Rory’s wife help him get on the Slovakian team?

Rory Sabbatini currently holds citizenship in four countries: South Africa, the US, the UK, and Slovakia.

Rory obtained a Slovakian passport through his wife, Tina. Speaking days after he obtained Slovakian citizenship, Rory said in January 2019: “To support [Tina], to support our stepson, getting my Slovak citizenship is important to them as well as her getting her U.S. citizenship.

After becoming a Slovak citizen, Rory and Tina floated the idea to her cousin, Rastislav Antala, who was then the president of the Slovak Golf Association.

Rory explained: “The added benefit was her cousin is the director of golf development in Slovakia. And we thought this was an opportunity to bring more kids into the game of golf because they really haven’t had exposure on a national stage to follow golf.”

“This decision was never made to play in the Olympics. This decision was made to support my wife and stepson and to open the door for golf development in Slovakia,” Rory continued. “I didn’t even know I would be eligible.”

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Follow Rory and Tina on Instagram

Rory and Tina share a joint Instagram page under the handle @roryandtina. While most of their snaps comprise of jealousy-inducing vacations, they also share their latest golf updates.

Tina has been sharing plenty of images from Tokyo this summer.

Currently, the duo have around 900 followers.

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