Does Brittney Reese have a son? Olympic silver medallist on adopting her godson

Joshua Rogers August 3, 2021
Does Brittney Reese have a son? Olympic silver medallist on adopting her godson
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Long jumper Brittney Reese won silver in the women’s final in Tokyo. This will be the 34-year-old’s last Olympics as she plans to retire. She’s had an incredible career, and people want to know more. Brittney Reese has a son, who she adopted years ago.

Long jumper wins silver medal in Tokyo

Brittney Reese won silver at the Tokyo Olympics in what will be the 34-year-old’s last Games.

Reese won gold in London in 2012, silver in Rio, and silver once again in Tokyo after Malaika Mihambo of Germany beat her to the gold.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game – Olympics Celebration Trailer

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game – Olympics Celebration Trailer

Reese now plans to retire, finishing her career with three Olympic medals and seven world titles.

Her personal best of 7.31m, set at the US Olympic trials in 2016, is the joint ninth-longest women’s distance of all time.

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Does Brittney Reese have a son?

Brittney Reese has a 13-year-old son, Alex Wildee, who she adopted several years ago.

Wildee is the birth son of one of Reese’s childhood friends, and was Reese’s godson before she adopted him.

Reese told USA Track & Field: “I’ve known his [Alex’s] momma since we were kids and he’s actually my godson, so I just felt like I wanted to raise him. I adopted him and he stayed with my mom for two years, and then I took over this year to just raise him.

“It always felt like he was mine anyway since I had helped to raise him since he was born; he is attached to me. He’s active and he listens to me more than anyone else, and it’s just one of those situations where I just wanted him to be in my eyesight at all times. He’s a good boy.”

Brittney’s hopes for Alex’s future

Rio became a mother while training for the Rio Olympics.

As well as her own training, she helped coach Alex’s youth track and field team.

“Alex has got some ability,” Reese told Mississippi Today.

“I told him I wouldn’t coach him unless he was ready to take it seriously. So far, so good. He wants to win.”

He reportedly won a long jump championship at a big junior meet in San Diego a few years ago.

“He says he’s gonna have more medals than me,” Reese said at the time.

Does Brittney have a spouse?

Brittney is thought to be single and doesn’t have a partner or spouse.

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