Who is NBC's Bridget Sloan? Gymnastics announcer's Olympic career explored

Amber Peake July 28, 2021
Who is NBC's Bridget Sloan? Gymnastics announcer's Olympic career explored
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NBC have featured a range of past Olympians as part of their coverage of the Tokyo Games this year. As some watch gymnastics on NBC’s Peacock, some are curious to know more about Bridget Sloan, gymnastics announcer and commentator on the platform.

Who is Bridget Sloan?

Bridget Sloan, born 23, June 1992 is a former Olympian turned commentator and analyst. Sloan’s passion for gymnastics started at a young age, when she was four years old.

The athlete has previously admitted she was first introduced to the sport by her parents Mary and Jeff Sloan, who signed her up for a class as she was a “very active child“.

Sloan continued with the sport, and in 2008 represented Team USA at the Summer Olympic Games where she and her teammates won silver.

The following year she was crowned the US all-around champion at the 2009 London World Championships and the US all-around champion at the US nationals.

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
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When did Bridget start working as a gymnastics announcer and commentator?

Bridget Sloan went on to start college in 2012, where she studied radio and television broadcasting at the University of Florida.

During her studies, Sloan commentated on the London 2012 Olympics on Channel 13’s Eye Witness News show Olympics and on the Rio 2016 games with NBC Olympics.

She has since become a known analyst and commentator on ESPN, having first joined the sports brand in 2016.

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Bridget Sloan covers Tokyo Olympic across NBC

While she has become known on ESPN amid the Tokyo Olympic games, Bridget Sloan can be seen commenting as part of NBC’s Olympic coverage.

Sloan and fellow Olympic athlete John Roethlisberger are seen to appear on the network as they cover the latest from the category’s events on NBC streaming platform Peacock.

Both Sloan and Roethlisberger have posted of their role with fans on social media, as they share their excitement about covering the games.

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