Why is Jimmy Johnson not in-studio on Fox NFL show, where is he?

Joshua Rogers November 20, 2022
Why is Jimmy Johnson not in-studio on Fox NFL show, where is he?

Why is Jimmy Johnson not in-studio on Fox NFL show, and where is he? Fans have noticed that the football analyst often joins remotely and want to know why.

Jimmy Johnson served as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys from 1989-1993, leading the team to consecutive Super Bowl wins.

Johnson also coached the Dolphins until retiring from the sports in 1999. Upon retirement, the 79-year-old moved into the world of broadcasting, became a TV studio analyst for Fox Sports.

He still works for the network as an on-air staff member on Fox NFL Sunday.

Why is Jimmy Johnson not in studio on Fox NFL show, where is he?

During NFL Sunday fans wondered why Jimmy Johnson is not in the Fox NFL studio, and asked where he was.

Due to the pandemic in 2020-21, Johnson did most of his Fox NFL work from home. That has continued into the 2022 season, with Jimmy working remotely on the singleheader Sundays this season and being in-studio on doubleheader days. 

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Johnson explained that it’s because of the travel. Jimmy lives in the Florida Keys and the Fox studio is all the way in Los Angeles.

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There were teething issues at first

“They don’t like it when I’m not there,” he said. “They’ve said, ‘Hey, when you’re there on set, it’s a lot better show.’ But at my age, I just don’t want to go to LA every week. At first, when we started doing it remotely, there was a concern because you had to have the camera just right.”

Johnson did however add that he’ll be in-studio for playoff games and on Veterans day when they go to Doha, Qatar.

Fox has doubleheaders in Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 (Thanksgiving), 14, 16, and 18. On the other weeks he’ll be joining remotely from his home in Florida where he lives with wife Rhonda.

You can read more about their spectacular home here.

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