Where to buy Brian Robinson's big hat as Commanders cap goes viral

Eve Edwards November 28, 2022
Where to buy Brian Robinson's big hat as Commanders cap goes viral
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After Washington running back Brian Robinson led the team’s successful defense against the Falcons, he donned a ‘big hat’ which has since gone viral.

It was a big weekend for the Washington Commanders as they unveiled a statue to the late Sean Taylor and subsequently secured a 19-13 win against the Atlanta Falcons.

But while emotions were running high, Robinson was on-site to provide some comedy relief by wearing an oversized cap after the game. It instantly struck a chord with fans, who have been looking to get their hands on a similar big Commanders cap since.

So, where did Brian Robinson get his big hat from? Here’s what you need to know.

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Where did Brian Robinson get his big hat?

After securing a win against the Falcons on Sunday, November 27, Brian Robinson donned an oversized Commanders cap in the locker room. Pictures of Robinson in the big hat were papped by sports media and shared online.

The Athletic’s Sam Fortier shared a picture of Robinson explaining that Robinson’s friend owned a “big hat” company. Robinson reportedly told Fortier: “If you want a big hat, let me know.”

Robinson explained he was trying to help his friend’s big hat business, NogginBoss, get off the ground. Ron Dyer, who’s daughter became friends with Robinson at Alabama, bought the hat for Robinson. Dyer and his son Kaleb made the custom Commanders design for him.

NogginBoss make “high quality, customizable BIG HATS,” according to their Instagram bio.

NogginBoss explains how to get a hat like Robinson’s

In a series of Instagram Stories posted after Sunday’s game (November 27), NogginBoss explained how to get a similar “big hat” to Brian Robinson.

“All official logo noggins you see have been created at home by our customers, not us. We do offer customizations, but not of licences logos.”

They then explain that you can buy a blank cap through their website, or email them ([email protected]) for customizable options.

Custom hats take four to six weeks to produce, so order in advance if you’re looking for something unique.

Commanders fans ‘need’ a similar big hat

Robinson’s eye-catching headgear obviously caught the attention of Washington fans, who were keen to get their hands on a similar style.

“The good news for Brian Robinson’s friend is that we all want big hats now,” one fan tweeted after the locker room pic went viral.

“I’ve been thinking about Brian Robinson’s big hat for 6 hours now,” another fan tweeted.

NogginBoss make waves on Shark Tank

Before NogginBoss’ association with Brian Robinson, they were best known as a brand featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner appeared on Shark Tank to seek investment in their big hat business. They appeared on season 13 with their oversized football hats and made waves in the tank.

The entrepreneurs asked for $50,000 for 25% and found favor with Daymond John. They secured a deal with John for $50k in return for 30% equity.

They opted for FUBU owner (an apparel company) Daymond John over Mark Cuban, despite Cuban’s links to the sporting world. Cuban is currently the owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks.

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images
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