Who are Trey McBride's parents? Meet Jen and Kate ahead of NFL Draft

Joshua Rogers April 25, 2022
Who are Trey McBride's parents? Meet Jen and Kate ahead of NFL Draft
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Trey McBride is on his way to becoming a household name as the college football star is tipped to be drafted to the NFL this month.

If drafted, McBride would become the first NFL player to have same-sex parents. McBride has frequently credited his parents for helping him get where he is today.

Before this year’s NFL draft commences on Thursday, 28 April 2022, we get to know more about Trey McBride and his parents.

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Who are Trey McBride’s parents?

Trey McBride is the son of Kate McBride and her long-time partner Jen. The couple have four other children, including former Rams defensive linesman Toby McBride. Trey also has a twin brother, Dylan, who wrestled at college.

Kate heads up the family business, which breeds Golden retrievers, and the family grew up alongside plenty of pets. Jen, meanwhile, works for the Morgan County Sheriff’s office.

The couple have been together for 25 years. They started out as friends but that soon turned to romance and the women have been partners ever since. Kate and Jen’s children were fathered by four different sperm donors, although Trey and Dylan share the same unknown father, being twins. “We’ve all pretty much decided not to go out and find our dads,” Toby told the Denver Post.

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McBride siblings celebrate their mothers

Trey McBride and his siblings have been vocal in praising their parents. “They’ve done a great job of pushing me to be the best version of myself and just constantly giving support and love,” Trey told Today.

“They’ve been great role models for me and my brothers, so it’s cool to see how they raised us and it’s just very special for us.”

When asked by Kate whether he’d want to find out the identity of his father, Toby said: “I was raised by my parents. They’re my parents. Finding out who my dad is isn’t going to do anything different.”

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Meet the rest of the McBride family

Kate and Jen have five children. Toby and Bryce are the eldest sons, followed by twins Trey and Dylan, then finally daughter Taya, who is thought to be in high school.

While Toby and Trey McBride share their many sporting victories with their social media followings, they keep details of their family life largely private.

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