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What is Michael Strahan's net worth as he prepares for spaceflight on Blue Origin?

Jake Nichol November 29, 2021
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Former NFL star turned TV presenter Michael Strahan is off to space in December as part of Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin programme, but what is Strahan’s net worth after playing for 15 years?

Strahan, a defensive end, retired from playing in 2007 after a 15-year career that began in 1993. He played every game of his professional career for the New York Giants – finally claiming that elusive Super Bowl win in his final appearance in 2007.

The Giants beat the New England Patriots 17-14 in a tight game to clinch Super Bowl XLII. It was the Giants’ seventh overall championship and third Super Bowl.

Strahan then transitioned into the world of TV, becoming an integral member of the Good Morning America team on ABC and calling NFL games from the Fox booth.

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But as he prepares to go where no Super Bowl winner has gone before, what is Strahan’s net worth, and who is going with him?

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Michael Strahan net worth revealed

Strahan, who was born in Houston, Texas, in November 1971, is 50 years old.

He was drafted by the Giants in round two of the 1993 draft, and his contract with the team gradually increased as he proved himself.

From base salary he earned about $40 million with a further $35 million in signing and contract bonuses throughout his career, totalling $76.3 million.

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His current net worth in 2021 is believed to be around the $65 million mark. Strahan also has an extensive sponsorship portfolio. He is believed to earn about $17 million a year in sponsor and broadcast commitments.

Who is he going with on Blue Origin?

Blue Origin, the brainchild of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, will launch a third crewed spaceflight on 9 December.

Strahan will be one of six aboard the mission, and the first ever TV anchor to go to space.

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Four members of the crew are paying for the experience. Philanthropist Dylan Taylor, investor Evan Dick and father/son pair Lane and Cameron Bess will strap themselves into the capsule.

The final crew member is Laura Shepard Churchley. She is the daughter of late astronaut Alan B Shepard Jr.

One of the original Mercury astronauts, Shepard was the first American in space in May 1961 aboard Freedom 7.

After being grounded for ten years because of a medical problem, he commanded the Apollo 14 lunar landing in February, 1971.

He became the fifth, and oldest man to walk on the moon, aged 47, and also became the first to play golf while walking on it. Take a look:

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