How much does a Patriots cheerleader make? 2021 NFL salaries revealed

Joshua Rogers August 13, 2021
How much does a Patriots cheerleader make? 2021 NFL salaries revealed
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How much does a Patriots cheerleader make? Ahead of the 2021 NFL regular season kicking off in a few weeks, we take a look at the cheerleader salaries across the league.

NFL cheerleaders are an important part of game days

NFL cheerleaders are as much of a staple on game days as the players themselves.

They have been part of NFL game days since 1954, and have turned the sideline support into genuine careers.

Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys | Official Trailer | HBO

Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys | Official Trailer | HBO

Cheerleading groups are made up of devoted teams who train and rehearse constantly.

Athleticism, strength and stamina are a prerequisite for any budding cheerleader.

And while it looks like a glamorous job, there’s another side to it not everyone sees.

NFL cheerleading salaries broken down

NFL cheerleaders get paid differently based on their experience.

There’s been several lawsuits and controversies in the past, including one in 2014.

Subsequently, all NFL teams were required by law to not break cheerleader pay scale and underpay their team members.

Cheerleader salaries are broken up into two categories: Professional Cheerleaders and Supporting Cheerleaders.

The most common pay rate is for supporting cheerleaders, which is between $75-$150 each game day and $50-75 per public appearance.

Therefore, for most cheerleaders, their income relates to how many appearances they make across a season.

How much does a Patriots cheerleader make?

However, the highest paid cheerleaders can earn considerably more than that.

Experienced cheerleaders can reportedly earn between $1000-$1500 a month.

According to one report, some can earn $500 per match.

Some New England Patriots Cheerleaders are listed at making as high as $75,000 per season, but this seems to be way more than the average salary across the NFL.

Importantly, this salary doesn’t factor in personal trainers, hair and make-up costs, and hours training.

Some NFL teams have even made their cheerleaders pay to audition.

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