Who is Elizabeth Barry, wife of NFL legend Alex Smith? Smith has just returned to the sport after suffering a horrific leg injury in 2018, which left him in a leg brace. His wife, Elizabeth, recently shared an Instagram photo of Smith’s leg brace, which has been remade into a trophy. We take a closer look at the couple and this heartwarming story.

What happened to Alex Smith?

In 2018, Alex Smith ended his season as the quarterback for the NFL’s Red Skins, now the Washington Football Team, because of a gruesome injury.

Smith suffered a compound and spiral fracture to his tibia and fibula during a brutal tackle. The injury became infected after surgery and had to be operated on multiple times. Due to developing life-threatening sepsis, Smith was in grave danger of losing his leg and even his life.

Fast forward two years and Alex Smith is back playing for the Washington Football Team in Week 17.

To celebrate her husband’s hard work in physical therapy and the difficult few years the family has had, Alex Smith’s wife, Elizabeth Barry, had a trophy made out of Smith’s leg brace.

Meet Elizabeth Barry

Alex Smith’s wife is Elizabeth Barry-Smith, born in April 1984.

Barry was formerly a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders and the pair first met and started dating when they were both in the SF Bay Area.

The couple married in 2009 and have three children together – Hudson, Hayes and Sloane. Last year, they shared this very cute Halloween picture of their family dressed up as the gang from Scooby Doo.

The pair are big philanthropists and support Hope House, a domestic violence shelter near where they live in Kansas City.

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