Why do the Jacksonville Jaguars say Duval?

Joshua Rogers January 21, 2023
Why do the Jacksonville Jaguars say Duval?
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The Jacksonville Jaguars recently clinched the AFC South title and a playoff spot, where they took on the Chargers. After coming back to beat the Chargers they advanced to the divisional round where they take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Ahead of the game, fans want to know why the Jaguars say Duval and what its meaning is.

Duval meaning and origins explained

Duval is a war cry, a call for pride in the Jaguars. Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars, young and old, have been yelling it for years – perhaps more than 20 years, in fact.

Why people shout “Duval”, or its elongated version “Duuuval”, at the Jaguars’ football matches is actually pretty simple: Duval County is the name of the county of which Jacksonville is the seat.

Jacksonville is the most populous city in the state of Florida. Its nicknames include “Tax”, “The River City”, “J-ville”, “The Bold New City of the South”, and “Duval”.

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Understanding radio personality Easy-E’s role in making ‘Duuuval’ the official Jaguars football chant

According to Nick Marrone’s First Coast News investigation into the popular chant, it was popularised by Duval County radio personality Easy-E

In the late 1990s, Easy-E heard people on the streets saying “Duval” to each other, perhaps as a show of solidarity or simply to celebrate their common geography. But Easy-E was in radio, so he extended it and made it into a jingle.

“I would take it and I would just extend it, extend the word. Make it, like, long.” He’s been using the drop “for years” – for “years, years, years”.

From the radio, it migrated to hip hop shows. Then, at some point, football fans started using it during games, and to show their support for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Easy-E never expected “Duuuval” to catch on like it did. 

The first time Easy-E heard the “Duuuval”, he was shocked. “I’m hearing the Duval Drop?” he exclaims in his First Coast News interview.

“So am I happy? YES. I did it.”

What are some other things Jaguars fans say, and what’s the meaning behind the current round of Duvals?

Some other phrases people have come to associate with the Jacksonville Jaguars include, “because Jaguars”, “He’s a weapon”, “We Khan do it” and “At least our mascot rules”.

The reason behind the surge in shares of the #DUUUVAL hashtag is that the Jaguars recently advanced to the divisional round after coming back to beat the Chargers 31-30.

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