Hard Knocks: Meet Aidan Hutchinson's parents including dad Chris who also played football

Joshua Rogers August 17, 2022
Hard Knocks: Meet Aidan Hutchinson's parents including dad Chris who also played football
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The defensive end who played for Michigan Wolverines is currently with the Detroit Lions. But who are Aidan Hutchinson’s parents, and did his dad Chris also play football?

The NFL draft took place on 28 April and defensive end Aidan Hutchinson was selected second overall by the Detroit Lions.

lt’s an interesting preseason for the rookie as the Lions are the subject of the latest season of Hard Knocks. Episode 2 of the HBO sports documentary aired recently and Aidan’s family featured.

His family could be seen in awe watching some of the plays he was making throughout the game in the episode.

But who are Aidan Hutchinson’s parents? Let’s find out more about them, in particular dad Chris.

Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Meet Aidan Hutchinson’s parents

Born in August 2000, Hutchinson is a Michigan native. He played in a variety of positions at high school before committing to the Michigan college program in 2018.

Aidan Hutchinson’s parents are Chris and Melissa Hutchinson.

Mother Melissa is a big supporter of Aidan’s fledgling football career. He also has an older sister, Mia, and younger sister, Aria, who also post their support.

Heading into the 2022 NFL Draft, Mia told AP News: “When Aidan started playing football in the seventh grade, he was locked in on his dreams in football.

“To see him on the precipice of fulfilling his dream is the most beautiful thing.”

Was Chris Hutchinson a football player?

Chris Hutchinson had a remarkable college football record in the late 1980s, early 1990s. He was team captain at Michigan and in 1992 became a first-team All-American – also being voted defensive lineman of the year in the Big 10 that year.

He was signed by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL IN 1993 but retired after complications arising from a tetanus shot.

Hutchinson retrained to become a doctor in Michigan. Chris is now an emergency room physician at Royal Oak Beaumont and worked selflessly on the front lines during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, Detroit News reports.

Daddy of the Hutchinson defense record, he recorded 24 career college sacks in his time, and equalled the then record of 11 in a season.

“I open up my sports app on my phone and then there’s Aidan all over the place. Whatever sports channel I’m watching, there’s Aidan across the crawl or there’s a video,” Chris Hutchinson told Detroit News of his son ahead of the NFL draft.

“I mean, you kind of go, wait, what? The best word, which is the most accurate but doesn’t even come to the right depth, is surreal. It’s just so weird. You keep going back to he can’t really go wrong in the top five.”

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