Fans have been forced to wait a long time for the new England kit.

Nike ordinarily would have unveiled the new threads around March time, ahead of the European Championship in the summer.

But with Euro 2020 postponed, so were the kit launches.

Now, with England set to return to action for the first time since November, a new home and away kit has been dropped.

Ahead of the Nations League fixtures against Iceland and Denmark in the coming days, fans have had their first glimpse of what their heroes will be walking out in.

There’s perhaps only so much that can be done with the home shirt but it looks to be the best effort in recent years.

It evokes memories of the 1998 World Cup kit, even moreso when the shirt printing is added.

That of course was the shirt in which Michael Owen launched himself to global stardom with that legendary solo goal against Argentina.

Combined with that clean, fresh home shirt is a more daring selection for the away jersey.

England have departed from the red change strip with a jazzy blue effort, complete with collar.

It’s so refreshing to see England push the boat out with their selections after years of staid, safe choices.

The training gear is also eye-catching. There’s a fantastic red training shirt and a blue jacket which looks the part too.

As ever, the main complaint would be cost, given that both replica shirts cost £70 apiece for a men’s adult one.

For kids, it’s £55 just for a shirt. This gear looks the part but that’s an awful lot of money for a kit which will only be worn a handful of times.

That said, even at those prices, there should still be plenty of interest. England’s new kits look the business.

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