What Kyrie Irving has said about fasting for Ramadan in the past

Joshua Rogers April 3, 2022
What Kyrie Irving has said about fasting for Ramadan in the past
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The Brooklyn Nets are in a battle for a play-in place. Kyrie Irving will be fasting over the next month for Ramadan – here’s what he’s said about it in the past.

The NBA playoffs are a matter of games away and right now the Brooklyn Nets are heading to the play-in tournament. They currently sit 10th in the Eastern Conference after a 122-115 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. If things stay as they are, the Nets will have to win back to back games in the play-in tournament just to make the playoffs.

The burden is softened somewhat by the return of Kyrie Irving, who is now allowed to play in home games after the city of New York lifted its vaccine mandate. Irving had 31 points against the Hawks, on 12-of-32 shooting, and if the Nets are to have any chance of postseason success they will need Kyrie firing on all cylinders.

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Kyrie Irving is now observing Ramadan

Ramadan is the Muslim holy month, with most of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims observing it in some form. It is one of the most sacred times in the Islamic calendar and during the entire month, Muslims observe a strict daily fast from dawn until sunset.

Those who observe Ramadan are not allowed to eat or drink (not even water) from sunrise to sunset. For Kyrie Irving, who is a Muslim, that means he too will be fasting over the next month. Per Nets/NBA reporter Billy Reinhardt, that means Kyrie will be fasting well into the playoffs. He wrote: ‘Ramadan spans the rest of the regular season, the play-in, the first round, and into the beginning of the second round.’

Before the game vs the Hawks last night, Kyrie posted a message on Twitter marking the start of Ramadan.

What Kyrie Irving has said about fasting during Ramadan in the past

In April 2021, Kyrie Irving spoke about his conversion to Islam for the first time publicly. Per Deseret News, Irving said in a press conference: “All praise is due to God, Allah, for this … for me, in terms of my faith and what I believe in, being part of the Muslim community, being committed to Islam.”

Kyrie also opened up about fasting during Ramadan and the “adjustments” he would have to make. He said (per Yahoo! News): “But yeah, I am taking part in Ramadan with a lot of my Muslim brothers and sisters. And it’s been an adjustment.

“That’s really what I can say. It’s just being committed to my service to God, Allah, and then continuing on with whatever I’m guided with. I’m just happy to be part of my community and doing the right things. So, fasting is definitely is definitely part of it — if you know anything about the Muslim community. But yeah, just really blessed and grateful to be taking part of this.”

Irving did not elaborate on what those “adjustments” were, although the most obvious and likely are being unable to drink liquids before or during games.

However, as many fans on Reddit pointed out, most NBA matches are in the evening, and therefore after sunset, so Kyrie will able to eat and drink after sunset until dawn.

Kyrie is not the only NBA player to have observed Ramadan in recent years. Per Bleacher Report, Jaylen Brown, Jusuf Nurkic and Enes Kanter were among notable NBA players observing Ramadan last year.

This year, Ramadan in the US began in the evening of Saturday 2 April and will end on the evening of Monday 2 May.

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