Weirdest NBA feet - from Shaquille O'Neal to Darrell Armstrong

Joshua Rogers January 13, 2023
Weirdest NBA feet - from Shaquille O'Neal to Darrell Armstrong
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Several NBA players’ feet have gone viral in recent years. Here’s some of the weirdest NBA feet – including Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and Darrell Armstrong.

NBA players put their bodies through the ringer in order to achieve success. Bumps, bruises, breaks, and tears are all too common in professional basketball, but have you ever considered the toll on NBA players’ feet?

NBA stars are usually heavy guys, and putting thousands of hours onto hard surfaces can heavily impact their feet. A lot of running and sudden stops can often cause bunions, which usually occur on the big toe as a misalignment of the two bones that form the base joint of the toe.

Needless to say, this can get quite ugly, which is why several NBA players’ feet are rather nasty.

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Shaq’s feet are no stranger to television

The Lakers legend is never shy to get his toes out on TV. Shaq’s feet are quite something to behold, and the big man has frequently got them out on live television for all America to see.

Last year, the Big Diesel gave a look at his gnarly feet during Tuesday night’s Inside the NBA with Dwyane Wade, Adam Lefkoe and Candace Parker.

It’s fair to say the panel were pretty grossed out by Shaq’s feet which had clearly been affected by years of high-level play:

Weird NBA feet including Darrell Armstrong

Shaq isn’t the only player to bear the bear the brunt of thousands of hours of hardwood action. Darrell Armstrong’s feet also have to be seen to be believed, and even the great Dirk Nowitzki once tweeted about them.

Dirk, who played on the Mavericks with Armstrong, once tweeted, ‘DA calls me big mummy but he is working with these dinosaur toes’, along with a caption of Darrell Armstrong’s gnarly feet:

Other NBA players whose feet have come under scrutiny include two of the GOATS: LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

In 2013. LeBron’s toes went viral because of his pinky toe. It earned the moniker of The Lone Phallanger because of its distance from and misalignment with his other toes.

Michael Jordan’s feet are also relatively well known for always been banged up and covered in bandages due to the nightly wear and tear they used to endure:

Other NBA players’ feet who have caught the attention of the public in recent years include James Harden and Evan Turner.

Who has the biggest feet in the NBA?

Bigger isn’t always better, but the NBA is home to some truly massive feet. The largest shoe size in the NBA belongs to twins Brook and Robin Lopez, who reportedly wear size 20 shoes.

However, the largest shoe size in NBA history was, of course, worn by Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq wore a humongous size 23, which is nothing short of impressive.

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